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Christian Author Writer Robin the Resourceful Reporter fulfilled numerous roles for a large daily newspaper.

Robin did her job very well, and her bosses continually rewarded her efforts with even more job responsibilities. Initially, Robin was employed as the newspaper’s entertainment reporter. After a couple of years, she was asked to take on the added responsibility of society editor.

Robin was a hard worker, but eventually the stress reached a point that she decided to change careers. “I’m so stressed out that my health is starting to deteriorate,” she told her husband, Robio.

Every evening after she left work , Robin went home and prepared dinner for Robio, the couple’s son, Robee, and herself. After Robin and Robio washed the dishes, the family spent about an hour doing various activities, then Robin invested about an hour performing Internet job searches.

She investigated numerous careers, considering the number of average hours worked in a day, salary, benefits, and job satisfaction. Robin was also interested in reducing the amount of job-related stress.

Robin grinned at the prospect of working as a hamburger cook at a local restaurant. “That would be a lot of fun, but it’s a minimum wage job, and I’m helping to feed a family with a maximum appetite,” she told Robio.

Since she had an outgoing personality, Robin thought she might do a good job as a professional sales person. Robin then realized that being a salesperson would involve rejection of herself and/or the product(s) she was selling, and she didn’t want to have to deal with the rejection.

“I’ve got it!,” Robin exclaimed. “I’ll become a stand-up comedian. I’m good at making people laugh. Sometimes, I even laugh at myself. But I think I‘ll wait until I retire to go into that field.”

Robio offered a suggestion to Robin. “Why don’t you enter the medical field?,” he asked. “You could provide the type of dedicated care that people need and deserve.”

“That is a wonderful idea!,” Robin replied. “I could work as a Certified Nurses Assistant, a nurse, or a technician.”

“All of those professions are worthy callings,” Robio said. “And eventually you might earn a pretty good salary. You could even study to become a doctor.”

“Then it’s settled,” Robin said. “I will take classes to become a CNA, then become a nurse. Eventually, I will become a family doctor. I think doctors make really good money, and I don’t think they have nearly as much stress as I do.

“After they go to school for a few years, all they do every day is see each of their patients for a few minutes, write a prescription for them and say, ‘Have a nice day!”

“Maybe you should shelve the idea of becoming a doctor and let me begin scheduling some comedy gigs for you right now!,” chuckled Robio.

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