Rays Of Son - Restaurant Ministers To Many Homeless, Low Income Families

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Christian Author Writer Thomas and his wife, Tabitha, opened the first restaurant of its kind in their hometown.

The couple wanted to minister to the community, especially the homeless and low income citizens, so they decided to serve free meals.

Thomas and Tabitha hired a cook, Terry, who specialized in great home-cooking. Before she was hired, Terry prepared a sample meal for the restaurant’s owners.

“This meal is simply delicious!,” Thomas exclaimed.

“And the aroma is heavenly!,” Tabitha said.

“I went to culinary school to learn how to be a professional cook,” said Terry. “The Lord, however, instilled in me the desire to use that ability to glorify Him.”

Tabitha and Thomas were using their savings to operate their business. Although they were rich, they didn’t want to continually lose money, so they prayed that God would help them make a profit.

They knew that God answers prayer, sometimes in humorous ways.

The restaurant was closed on Sundays, because Thomas and Tabitha wanted to give Terry a day off each week. Terry had developed a super relationship with her bosses, and since Terry’s parents had died in a traffic accident several years before, she considered herself Tabitha and Thomas’s adopted daughter. So on Sundays, she insisted on cooking a private family meal for them.

“You are so very nice to me,” Terry said one Sunday afternoon. “You pay me a very good salary, and you treat me as your very own daughter. Why do you do it?”

“We were never blessed with children of our own,” Thomas explained. “And we always wanted a daughter. We feel like you’re our daughter. Plus, you’re a terrific cook.”

Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door. “Who is it?,” called Thomas.

“My name is Ted,” replied the voice. “The Lord sent me to talk to you. I was driving by, I smelled this heavenly food, and the Lord directed me to talk with you.”

“Won’t you join us for lunch?,” Tabitha asked. “We always welcome a stranger.”

“I have a very unique proposition for you,” said Ted. “I want to provide the money you need to keep the restaurant open. How many customers do you have every week?”

“Probably about 1,000,” said Tabitha.

“The Lord wants you to continue giving away the meals,” said Ted. “And He wants me to write you a monthly check to cover operating expenses , plus a profit.”

By the end of the long, relaxing lunch, Ted felt like he was a member of the family. “I just have two simple requests,” he said. “The first request is to eat lunch with your family every Sunday. And please don’t allow me to fill my plate more than twice. The four helpings I had today were more than I can handle!”

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