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Christian Author Writer Sandra owned and operated a supermarket in a small town in rural America.

After Sandra’s Supermarket became successful beyond her wildest dreams, she decided to begin spending more of her time traveling around the country. Sandra had never been outside her home state of Tennessee, and she dreamed of visiting all 50 states. She also began thinking about starting another business, because she wanted to provide more jobs for Tennessee.

Sandra worked as a night-shift cashier at the supermarket three days a week. She had owned the business for several years and knew all of her regular customers by name. She realized that she was going to miss the interaction she had with each of these special friends.

Sandra had not yet made a decision about who to bring in as her new partner. She made a list of family members and potential investors and called all of them. Not a single person expressed an interest in becoming her business partner. Sandra knew, however, that God was going to lead her to the right person.

One evening, Sandi, the owner of Sandi’s Spaghetti Smorgasbord, came into the store. Sandi bought all of the ingredients for her famous Sandi’s Spaghetti Sauce from Sandra’s Supermarket, because she knew that the store sold only the freshest and finest foods.

“Hi, Sandra,” said Sandi. “What‘s happening?”

“Everything is great,” Sandra replied. “I only have one little problem. I’m looking for someone who will be my partner here at the supermarket, so I can spend more time discovering the beauty of America. I’m also thinking about starting another business.”

“What about me?,” Sandi asked. “I’ve been thinking about branching out a little myself. I’d be proud to be your partner.”

“I’m selling 49 percent of the business for $49,000,” Sandra said. “And you’ll need to hire someone to work the hours I’ve been working every week.”

“When do you need the $49,000?,” asked Sandi.

“Anytime in the next week or so would be great,” Sandra replied.

“I’ll write a check to you tomorrow,” Sandi said. “By the way, you mentioned something about starting another business. What do you have in mind?”

“I think I’ll start a restaurant whose signature sandwich will be a spaghetti burger that is topped with plenty of fresh vegetables,” Sandra said. “My restaurant will located in a nearby town, so it won’t be competing with Sandi’s Spaghetti Smorgasbord.”

“I’d like to recommend a great little supermarket for all of the supplies for your new business venture,” Sandi chuckled. “I hear that the store has a great new co-owner.”

“My restaurant’s manager will be shopping here on a regular basis, so don’t forget to give them their frequent shopper discount,” laughed Sandra. “I’ll be traveling a lot, and I won’t be here to remind you!”

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