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Christian Author Writer Bob, a high school senior, had always made straight A’s.

A junior, Barney’s grades included C’s, D’s and F’s, with an occasional A or B.

Bob took his school work seriously. He turned in all his assignments on time, completed all his in-class projects, and studied for scheduled quizzes and tests. He was even prepared for the occasional pop quiz.

Barney sailed through school. He turned in most of his in-class projects, but he approached homework with a “take it or leave it” attitude. He seldom studied for a quiz or a test, because for those experiences he depended on the information he soaked up in class. He and a couple of friends spent some of their in-class time texting each other on their cell phones and thinking about the coming summer break.

The school year passed quickly for Bob. Barney’s year seemed to pass much more slowly, and he was stressed out most of the time. His physician, Dr. Barnee, even considered the possibility of having him take blood pressure medicine.

Mid-term grades for the second semester had been sent home, and many students were dreading the rapidly approaching final exams. Bob was actually looking forward to those exams, but Barney was definitely dreading the experience.

Bob and Barney attended an old-fashioned one-room school. The teacher was fair and expected the students to give a 100 percent effort on their work and their tests.

Two days after the students completed their finals, Barney and Bob were talking on their cell phones about their grades. “How did you do on your finals?,” asked Bob.

“My grades were so-so,” said Barney. “Two C’s, one D, and one F, and I actually made one B. The B was in World Geography, and I think I must have studied a little more than usual in that class. How were your grades?”

“I made A’s in everything but Heavy Math,” said Bob. “I studied a little less for that class than I usually do.”

“But your grades were still super,” said Barney. “That’s the first B you’ve made in four years of high school. Your grades are always fantastic. How do you manage to keep them so high all of the time?”

“I have a secret weapon,” Bob said. “It’s called prayer. I do all my work, study as much as I can, and when there’s a test, I ask the Lord to help me remember what I have studied.”

“Since I don’t study a lot, the prayer thing probably wouldn’t help me very much!,” complained Barney.

“Well, you can plan to use prayer as your secret weapon next year,” chuckled Bob.

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