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Christian Author Writer Alice had just turned 40 years old and was entering a new phase of her life.

She had worked hard and earned a good salary, and she had wisely saved and invested much of her money. Now she was preparing to serve humanity as an entrepreneur.

For several years, Alice had been thinking of inventing a new type of automobile fuel. One day, she invited her best friend, Adria, to brainstorm with her.

Adria was interested in being Alice’s business partner. “I love orange juice,” said Adria. “I’ve been thinking about using orange juice as fuel. What do you think?”

“Orange juice is most certainly an unusual idea for auto fuel,” Alice said. “But if we use orange juice, we will create a shortage of orange juice for drinking. The whole world will eventually start smelling like burned orange juice. Also, the price of oranges and orange juice will go sky high. Plus, the Lord won’t be pleased if we follow through on this idea.”

“Okay,” Adria said. “We can use leaves from the trees as auto fuel. We can grind the leaves into a super-fine texture and create some sort of synthetic liquid to blend with those ground leaves.”

Alice wasn’t really thrilled with Adria’s idea. “Your idea certainly shows you have been thinking about this project,” Alice said. “But harvesting tree leaves will cause severe problems with the weather, we won’t have nearly as much beautiful greenery to observe, we will be causing problems for future generations. And the Lord won’t be pleased.”

“My next idea,” Adria told her friend, “is to use dirt for fuel. We can grind it up into dust, mix it with water and - presto - we will never have to buy gasoline ever again!”

“My friend,” Alice laughed, “This is an impossible idea! If we mix ground-up dirt with water, eventually we will run out of both dirt and water. We won’t have anywhere to stand, walk, or drive. We won’t have any need for automobiles, so we won‘t be able to go on vacation. And without water, we will die. Plus, the Lord won’t be pleased.”

“I suppose you have a better idea!,” Adria said.

“Yes, I do,” Alice smiled. “We can use hot air. Air is very plentiful. We can invent a machine to constantly heat, purify and recycle the air!”

“It’s a great idea,” Aria laughed. “And you are so full of this resource, you can provide the world with all it needs for the next 20 years!”

“And you can supply the hot air for the next 20 years,!” Alice grinned.

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