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Be inspired and strengthen your resolve to worship God. This is an invitation to everyone. As certainly as we are all within the universe and none of us can escape from it, the discussions in this book pertain to all of us. Perhaps you have asked, or have been asked some of the questions that are examined. Whether or not this is the case, there is no better time to delve into these important questions. Although they are often ignored or bypassed by many, wisdom demands that we take a close look at these matters. We urgently need to focus our attention on the realities that inevitably govern our lives. The tide of folly is strong and we must stand against it.

People everywhere are plagued by a concurrent abandonment of the truth and the embracing of deception. Seductive forces, religious superficiality, useless philosophical speculations, political misappropriations, riotousness, and socioeconomic pressures driven by vanity, have overtaken our world. Irrespective of any deceptive forms that these take, there are dire consequences for individuals or societies entrapped by them. Only through an active commitment to the truth can anyone or any society overcome these anomalies. We must think beyond the ordinary and live above mere existence.

Chapter One: God Almighty

Without question, the greatest calamity that has befallen our world is the denial of God’s existence (Psalms 53:1). There is a mass rebellion against God with the attending consequences. The true worship of God has been abandoned by many people. God’s life-giving Word is ignored. Countless children of God have also strayed into this foolishness. Many have become partakers in unregenerate musings. Captivated by the deceptive logic and futility of this world, they have forgotten that God is Almighty.

A Charge for All Christians for All Times

Pages 211 and 212:

"This is a call to the believer.

Cling to God!

Gratefully cling, knowing that it is not in your power but through the Holy Spirit's empowerment that you are able to cling;

pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17);

worshipfully cling to the Father with all your heart, mind, and soul;

cling to God in obedience to his commands;

 remain ever mindful of the greatest commandments rendered in the plainest of terms: love the Lord your God and love your neighbor;

 express and exercise this love especially while praying;

cling to God every moment because evil lurks;

cling to him so that you may not enter into temptation;

when tempted, afflicted, or burdened, cling all the more tenaciously;

cling, just as the Lord did on the Mount of Olives (Luke 22:24);

cling to the Father who is the fortress that not only protects but also provides a vantage point against every affliction or foe;

 remember your guaranteed victory in God the Son as you cling to God the Father by the power of God the Holy Spirit;

cling to God with utmost reverence;

cling to the Savior that your joy may be full even in seemingly joyless circumstances;

cling to God and suffer no distractions from your faith and spiritual focus;

never let foolishness counsel or entice you;

Cling to God!

Cling to the Father and do not leave the place of refuge amid the raging storm;

cling to God that you may not become exposed to the enemy's missiles;

do not go with the distracters to the place of futility;

cling to God for protection against the enemy's desperate attacks;

cling even more as the days hasten on and the return of the Lord approaches;

cling until the final consummation of your deliverance unto your heavenly destiny and duty;

gratefully cling to the Father;

preserved and empowered by God's active grace, and without ceasing, pray."

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