Christian Writer Author: Felix Amiri
Location: Ontario , Canada

Christian AuthorFelix Amiri holds a certificate in Bible studies from London Baptist Bible College (now Heritage Bible College and Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada). He serves as a member of the deacons’ board and teaches adult Sunday school classes.

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Vital Truth and Precepts  
Christian Press Release  - New Book
Fiction: False
Inspiring new book is a call to an exploration of the living truth. Philadelphia, PA – December 6, 2008 – People live their lives caught up in the cares of everyday existence, trudging along, not really thinking about sublime things. But is this all there is? Author Felix Amiri reminds us that there is more to consider regarding the present life and future hope. In his book Vital Truth and P ... Read Christian Press Release

Vital Truth and Precepts  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Bible Teaching
Fiction: False
Introduction Be inspired and strengthen your resolve to worship God. This is an invitation to everyone. As certainly as we are all within the universe and none of us can escape from it, the discussions in this book pertain to all of us. Perhaps you have asked, or have been asked some of the questions that are examined. Whether or not this is the case, there is no better time to ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

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