From Darkness To His Marvelous Light

Writer Author  Twana Lawler
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Christian Author Writer After services Tracy whispered to Charlotte “lets go to have a drink.”

Charlotte replied, “Not today, I am not in the mood.”

Tracy said to Charlotte, “What is wrong with you?”

Charlotte replied, “ I just have a lot of things to think over.”

“Like what, asked Tracy?

"Well for one, the reason I am alive, the reason why I awaken this morning and I can go on and on.”

"Well don´t! Tracy replied in a very irate tone. “I am going to tie one over, I holla!”, yelled Tracy as she walked away.

Charlotte went home and read 1st Peter 2:9 again and again; it was doing something good to her spirit. That very day Charlotte decided to stop the clubbing, the drinking and smoking.She began to think to herself, “What will my friends think? Will they continue to be my friends?" She came to the conclusion, if they are my true friends they will follow my footsteps or try to understand my desire to become close with God. Sure enough she stopped all of the devil´s work.

Tracy on the other hand was still partying and drinking; she faded out of Charlotte´s life. She did not want to associate her self with this woman of God, the chaste woman Charlotte had become. Charlotte´s friends did not like or understand this change in her life. She was walking with God; she was yearning to learn his word. She was brought out of darkness into the marvelous light. She no longer did the things she used to do, she was at peace and loved her new way. She dressed differently, her beauty and sexiness was still visible, but she did not have to dress half clothed to get attention or comments. The comments she was now receiving was Godly comments, filled with nothing but respect for this beautiful black woman.

Charlotte´s co-workers even noticed the difference in her attitude, she was not distributing the negativism she once perceived. Charlotte began to meet Holy friends, Spiritual friends, friends that loved the Lord. Her worldly friends no longer wanted to be in her company. On the other hand her once close friend, Tracy was still clubbing, she had met a new companion who worshipped nothing but the wrong things. Tracy began to do drugs, having unprotected sex, lost her job, and looked as if she had aged ten or more years. Charlotte had begun to contribute more to Father God and His Precious Son Jesus. She dressed differently, she talked differently, and she walked differently. Following is a definition of a chaste woman, which Charlotte had become.


From Darkness To His Marvelous Light - Twana Lawler

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