Christian Writer Author: Twana Lawler
Location: California , United States

Christian AuthorYears ago, I was recovering from surgery on a warm March evening when I heard a whisper, "You are going to be okay, You are going to be alright." I opened my eyes to a light glare in the room, I arised from my bed and wrote my first spiritual poem which was inspired by the Holy Spirit. That was the beginning of a new day and a new way for Twana.

I was baptized on Easter Sunday and instantly stopped all of the worldly things, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, fornication, cursing and going to night clubs.
God and I began to have a intimate relationship, there was nothing I could not talk to him about. I put down the worldly things, picked up a pen and paper and began writing for the Lord.

I have written well over 100 poems and also a book entitled "From Darkness Into His Marvelous Light," which was released in January of 2002. I am currently working on a second book entitled, "The Curse Stops Here," a true story of my life being a teenage mother, battered wife and all the strife that I endured over the years up until he brought me out of darkness into his marvelous light. There's a third book in process as well entitled, "The right man at the right time," that right time being when God says it is the right time not when we think it is the right time. Saints I opened my heart unto the Lord and I am now at peace.

I've Written . . .

Song Of The Butterfly  
Christian Poetry  - Salvation
Fiction: False
Listen to the song of the butterfly All alone in the dark Wondering when I will make my mark When will I spread my wings and begin to fly This is the song of a butterfly Wrapped tight in a dark cocoon Wondering if light is coming soon When will I spread my wings and begin to fly This is the song of a butterfly As Jesus sacrificed his life for our sins Some butterflies do the same for ... Read Christian Poetry

From Darkness To His Marvelous Light  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Inspirational
Fiction: True
After services Tracy whispered to Charlotte “lets go to have a drink.” Charlotte replied, “Not today, I am not in the mood.” Tracy said to Charlotte, “What is wrong with you?” Charlotte replied, “ I just have a lot of things to think over.” “Like what, asked Tracy? "Well for one, the reason I am alive, the reason why I awaken this morning and I can go on and on.” "Well don´ ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

The Self Evident Proof, Author: Richard Kouchoo  
Christian Review  - Christianity
Fiction: False
In this book Richard Kouchoo is definitely displaying how morality, truth and justice prove the existence of God. As I read through this book, I kept thinking to myself, wow I never thought of it this way or wow this is interesting. As my mind absorbed every thought and every word I conclusively realized that this book would be a great educational tool for a bible college student. Richard Kouc ... Read Christian Review

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