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I’m looking deep into some things the word of God teaches our hearts about parenting and especially our responsibility as christian parents. This is a song that God put on my heart years ago that has really spoken deeply to me.


Lord of life and King of glory,

Who didst deign a child to be,

Cradled on a mother’s bosom,

Throned upon a mother’s knee:

For the children Thou hast given

We must answer unto Thee.

Grant us then pure hearts and patient,

That in all we do or say

Little souls our deeds may copy,

And be never led astray;

Little feet our steps may follow

In a safe and narrow way.

When our growing sons and daughters

Look on life with eager eyes,

Grant us then a deeper insight

And new pow’rs of sacrifice:

Hope to trust them, faith to guide them,

Love that nothing good denies.

May we keep our holy calling

Stainless in its fair renown,

That, when all the work is over

And we lay the burdens down,

Then the children Thou hast given

Still may be our joy and crown.

Author: Christian Burke (1903)

The message of the song is about our responsibilities as parents. It’s heavy in wisdom that reveals the value heaven places on the little ones. It has deep revelation of how God is watching over the innocent and the helpless.

I would say it has several layers of meaning. It makes heaven’s view on the evils of abortion clear. It speaks of parenting in the natural and it could speak to leadership in ministry; spiritual mothers and fathers. I have responsibility to my little ones in my family and I’m also called to learn leadership in the body for the glory of Jesus. As a seeker and learner I feel like all who are entrusted with the responsibility of others need His guiding light to shine on our hearts and minds.

I’ve often gone back to the deep revealings in the song as a prayer lesson. Especially the mention that at times we need to seek new insight and new powers of sacrifice. Things get too deep and dangerous at times, we always need renewal. We’re sorely tempted to yield to pride, strife, division and discouragement. Tempted to look to the will of man, our own or others. Were charged with being faithful to the will of God above all. Therefore we need to be stretched into new ways of seeing him, hearing his heart and being obedient to his word. Spirit taught, Spirit led. We’re always shifting into new depths of the spirit and we will need new inward capacity to steward his wisdom. To be made wise to steward our eternal responsibilities and deal with new day challenges God’s way.

Titus 2:7-8

In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility, sound speech that cannot be condemned, that one who is an opponent may be ashamed, having nothing evil to say of you.

As we honor the word of God we will have new impartations of grace for more challenging places. More grace for more abundant life to keep growing up into maturity in Jesus. We need to develop strong confidence in our God and his perfect ways, To know that he is always seeking our absolute good and that it’s for the profit of many.

There are rivers of mercy to delight ourselves in. As long as we keep our hearts contrite and open to the ways of the Lord we will experience the wonders of his great salvation daily. At the mercy seat we sprinkle the blood and we’re washed clean. At the throne of grace we will always find the help we seek.

Oh let us give thanks to the Father for the indescribable gift of his son!

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