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Christian Author Writer For true believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior there is only one instruction book. It is the Holy Bible. For the truth about love, behavior, morality, or any other truth, the Bible is the source of that truth.

When the schools deal with evolution, believers know God, who is Love, created man, animals, vegetation, and all things deliberately and with fore thought. . Gen: 1, Prov: 8:22-31,1Pet: 1:19-20, Rev: 13:8, 1Cor: 5-7.

Believers know man was created, a spiritual being and given a earthen body and was placed over all God's creation to love and care for it. Gen: 1:27-31, 2Gor: 4:7, Mk: 10:42-45.

Believers know that man disobeyed God who is Love and obeyed Satan who is perversion and therefore died spiritually (the spirit of God left his spirit) and gave place to his carnal nature which can be manipulated by Satan and this is the reason that evil (harm) is a real problem on earth at this time. Gen: 2,3, Deut: 26-30, Rev: 20.

Believers know that God then sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the sacrificial lamb, that is, He voluntarily bore the chastisement for our sins, so that if one believes in Him they can be totally forgiven for their rebellion and disobedience toward God and can be born again-- become spiritually alive again, and can learn to walk by the spirit and not by the carnal nature and in this way overcome sin and death, the liar, and the harmful tendencies of the carnal nature. Isa: 53-54, Jn: 3, Gal: 5:16-24, Rom: 6-8, Rev: 12:10-11

Believers know they are to fear God, and give Him the glory--if any man worship the beast and receive his mark, they will drink of the wine of the wrath of God. Rev: 14:7-12

When the schools deal with homo-sexuality, saying it is just another lifestyle, believers know that it is a very sinful lifestyle and leads to ill-health,' self-degradation, and spiritual death, unless the offender repents and stops doing it. Lev: 18:22, Rom:1, Gal: 5:19-21, Rev; 21:8 & 27

When the schools deal with self-esteem, believers know that all have sinned and fallen' short of' the glory of God, but in Christ Jesus they are new creatures and can do all things and are more than conquerors. Rom: 3:23, 8:37, 2Cor: 5:17, Phil: 3:3, 4:13

When the schools deal with guilt and failures, believers know that Jesus is the propitiation for their sins--He is their Savior and High Priest, so they can get forgiveness and a clean slate when it is needed. Jn: 3:15-18, Heb: 4:14-16, 7:24,-8:12, 1Jn:1:9, 2:1-2

When the schools deal with peace, believers know that Jesus is their peace and no true peace can come to the world except as Jesus is allowed to rule in each individual heart. Lk: 2: 14, Jn: 14: 27 , Acts: 10: 36, Rom: 5:1,8: 6, Eph: 2:14, Col: 3:15

When the schools deal with relationships, believers know that they start with their relationship with God and through Jesus they have a covenant with Him whereby He becomes their Father and they hearken unto His voice and trust His Word and He tells them in His Word who to have relationships with and who not to have relationships with. Lk: 11:2, Matt: 7:11, Jn: 8:42, 14:6, 21, Rom: 8:15, 2Cor: 6:14, 1Jn: 1:3

When the schools deal with love, believers know that God is love, and God teaches them in His Word what is productive love and what is destructive love. Ex: 20-23, Lev: 18-20, Matt: 5-7, Mk: 11:25, Lk: 10:30-36, 15:11-32, Jn: 13:34, Rom: 12, 15:2, 13:1-10, 1Cor: 10:24, 13:4-8, 2Cor: 8:14, Eph: 4-5, 1JN: 4:16, 2Jn: 6

When the schools deal with diversity , believers know that differences are a good and blessed thing only when it is kept withn God’s boundaries which are His commandments, presepts, and judgments. Ex: 20:1-6
When the schools deal with deliverance and salvation., believers know that that is why God sent His Son, Jesus-- to provide salvation from the terrible mistake Adam and Eve made that brought in sin and death. Their wrong choice in the Garden of Eden brought in suffering and bondage. Jesus choice in the Garden of Gethsemane brought in deliverance and salvation. Acts: 4:12: There is no other name under heaven whereby you can be saved. Gen: 1:20-28 & 3:1-19, Isa: 53, 53, Jn: 3, Rom: 3:10-18, 5:8, 5:14-21, 6:23, 1Cor; 15:21-50, 2Cor: 5:21,
Ga1: 5:16-26

When the schools talk about adaptation, it must be within the framework described above.

When the schools deal with environmental deterioration, believers recognize that it is a result of the fall of man and will be healed when Jesus is Lord of all.

When the schools deal with the different cultures, believers must be aware that cultures are very much influenced by the area people’s religion and therefore they must not embrace it. Ex: 23:31-33 & 34:12-16

Christian students need to understand that a Christian’s self worth and sense of self is perceived through what God says about them and is not established by inward searching.

Christians must recognize that they are to be conscious, even wary of joining any and all good will groups. They must determine what the group’s focus is and what is their solution--what are their methods and do they line up with what God has said?

Christians must know that they cannot compromise truth for the so called good of all. If our God already said it was not good, it is not good.

Christians must recognize that it would be hypocritical to ignore God’s mandates for living and then try to repair the damage that occurs from disobedience, man's way. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Christian student’s should be prepared to be "on the spot" most of the time, when dealing with global thinking.

Christian students must realize that many lifestyles are unacceptable to God, because God is life and these lifestyles lead to death.

Christian students should be prepared to be labeled, prejudice, discriminate, uncooperative, sexist, and many like labels. They will be accused of having a hate doctrine. They must understand that the world is the one truly upside down and it because the world’s leader is Satan--the Prince of the power of the air. Eph: 2: 1-5

Christian students need to meditate on. scriptures that will strengthen them for this stand against global thinking. Instructions such as: "Do not :fear man who can only kill the body, but fear Him who can cast both soul and body in hell. Matt: 10:28 and “Whoever denies me before men, him I will deny before my Father in heaven." Matt: 10:33

Christian students must know in their heart that the Bible was not just written recently to satisfy some man’s religious desires. It has been here from the beginning of' recorded history. Christianity is not a religion, it is a lifestyle based upon a personal relationship with Jesus. God’s desire and the Christian’s desire is that the Christian grow up to be like Jesus who is the true Winner. The Bible's purpose is to give life not trouble. Trouble comes from going another way.
Christian students will be thought of as unkind, inconsiderate, uncaring, and a troublemaker. This name calling will hurt because that’s just what Christians don’t want to be, but remember, Jesus took it. Paul, Peter, and the rest took it. Lk: 23:14, Jn: 18:30,Acts: 12:4, 24:5, 1Pet: 4:12-16

Christian students must understand that their nonconformity is based upon the commandments of their God and is not willful obstinance. They must insist upon religious freedom for themselves too and the right to respect their own opinions. They must not allow themselves be intimidated. 2Tim: 1:7-8 They must be prepared to hear many logical arguments against the Word of God and to know that their defense lies in "It is written.” Matt: 4:1-11 They need to stand against these attacks gently, meekly, kindly, firmly, and humbly by the power' of God inside you.

Because of global thinking--the second Babylon--Christian students must be prepared to be hated, maybe even expelled from school. Christians may even have to go to jail in the future over this.

Christian students need to understand that the Christian stand is not based upon heritage, culture, or upbringing. It is based upon the written Word of the God who is their God.

Because of global thinking, Christians must be prepared to be the only group (besides the Jews, who have the same God, but are separated from Him till they receive Jesus) that will not “fit in.” Christians may be the only ones who are labeled uncooperative. Acts: 4:19-21

It is time to rely entirely upon the Word of God. It is Christians’ instruction book for living and doing.

© Sylvia Huffnagle

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