Was Jesus a Space Cadet? - Part 2

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Christian Author Writer Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Philippians 2:5.

My father was a vibrant spirit. His exuberance made life around him a constant adventure. If you where to join him on that adventure with all your heart, you each would embrace fully, what he called the unknowable exciting mystery that is life.

He had a favorite saying and even on his death bed he would say to those that came to visit, "May the winds of life blow gently around you, and it shall, when you find your place". He told me all of my years with him, "seek first hand knowledge son, not second hand truth"....And as the clock tics forever forward I understand what he was trying to tell me.There is no going back. It is always forward, and the mystery just gets deeper. He was truly a lover of God, family, and life..."Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus".

Isn't it amazing how much we look without seeing? Isn’t it amazing how much we listen without hearing? A major problem with the human race is our blindness and deafness. That’s why Jesus, in Matthew 13 was praising his disciples.They were seeing and hearing things that escaped most people. In fact, He said that many of the prophets and righteous people longed to see and hear what the disciples were seeing and hearing, but they were unable to do so.That’s what part 2 of this letter is about, seeing and hearing things many of the prophets and righteous are not. Anyone can prophecy, and most are nothing more than fortune tellers that have crept into the
church under the disguise of having a Godly calling. One sure way of knowing the difference is, a God called prophet doesn't always have good news....Can you say Amen?

A teacher stood one day in front of his college class. He held up before them a large bed sheet in the center of which was painted a large red dot. He asked, "What do you see?" Almost with one voice the class answered, "A red dot!".....Smiling, the professor said, "O really? I’m surprised that no one saw the sheet.".....

The last part of Daniel 11:32 says; "the people who 'know' their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits (for God)". (Amp)...

I told you some of my fathers wisdom now I want to share some of mine..We are living in a time of many voices and the result is confusion for many of the people of God. Some of those voices are predicting the future, some are trying to set up their own little kingdom on earth, and some are so busy telling the people of God what they can't do they forget to tell us what we can do. More than likely it is because they don't know themselves.

Stay free of personalities, and human dependence, get into a place of freedom, and come to know God as well as you know your mother, so that no matter where you are or what's going on around you, when you know your God you can stand independent of all other voices, then and only then will this Spirit life become you.

That is the kind of knowledge that means power. That is the kind of experience which overcomes the world. That is the kind of thing that while all the other systems go down, you rise triumphantly above them. That was the secret of the apostolic church. It is an independent personal knowledge of God, that springs forth from an inward birth, that lives and breathes within you! Let kings do what they like, let the people rage...and you shall go on. First hand knowledge, not second-hand truth.

One of the greatest comedy acts in the history of show business was the beloved husband and wife team of George Burns and Gracie Allen. In real life, Gracie was very wise and bright, but she always played the part of a naive, sweetly simple, off-the-wall personality. On one of their radio programs, Gracie became upset because her new electric clock kept losing time. So she finally called a repairman. He discovered the problem immediately. The electric clock was not plugged in. Gracie said, "I know that. I didn't want to waste electricity, so I only plug it in when I want to know what time it is!"

If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit already dwells within you.The Holy Spirit took up residence in your heart the moment you confessed your sin and claimed Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. But that indwelling Holy Spirit is not activated or unleashed unless we ask. Ephesians 5:18 is in the present tense in the Greek.."Be filled with the Spirit"..meaning that we must be constantly and continually filled, controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Some Christians only plug in to the resources of the Holy Spirit on special occasions or in emergencies. But the Holy Spirit wants to be our daily companion, not just our 9-1-1 service.

On one occasion Jesus was telling his disciples about some spectacular events which were yet to come, and they asked him, "When shall these things be?" (Matthew 24). In his response Jesus told them that there would be wars and rumors and deceit, "but," said he..."the end is not yet."....The end is not yet!...Underline That... Accent it....Emphasize it any way you can... because it is the basic truth of our existence and of our living.

We all live under the covering of one hugh fact... we are on our way somewhere. This is something we cannot escape. The awareness comes up from deep within us...things will not always be as they are now...Out of everything that is the past..we have come to right now...And now we are moving from what is...to what will be...going on from here to somewhere out yonder...This is a universal truth for our humankind. Whatever our personal circumstances or age, this truth is one we cannot escape.

I have come to understand another dimension of faith...an apprehending faith...a faith of instinct...a faith of perception...a faith that will give you the ability to hear God’s voice when He speaks...Come along if you dare.
Leave your world behind and come with me, find the pleasures of a journey beyond the seas of thought, beyond the realm of pain and confusion. Take a ride with me into the land inside of your Spirit. Across the streams of hopes and dreams where things are really not...A place of first hand knowledge..not second hand truth..and into the mind of Christ....continued...

God Bless You


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