Was Jesus a Space Cadet? - Part 1

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Christian Author Writer My heart is heavy as I write this article. Those that are close to me will tell you Poppa is a peace loving man but not a pacifist. When there is no other way...then do what it takes..That is the way I have lived my life. My friends, children and grand-children used to have a little saying about me..."It's not nice to mess with Poppa..Never been guilty of starting no kinda trouble...but if one has his/her mind made up to do it...then the wrath of him will fall accordingly."..

I never saw myself in that light, but as recently as a couple of weeks ago a Jewish celebrity made a sarcastic snide remark about our false Messiah, and the audience roared with laughter. What really upset me was the cameras scanned the audience and half of them were wearing a cross around their neck....It sickened me and I wept. It also made me want to box her ears and open up that can of.."Kick Butt"..I been saving for a long time. For her and that audience. You are correct in assuming that I am not politically correct!..Praise God!

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Philippians 2:5

The problem much of the world and our society in America has with Christians is our claim of being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. There are even many professed Christians that have a problem with it. The religious society of the time of Jesus had this same problem and labeled Him a ding-a-ling and false Messiah.

Actually at the beginning of Jesus' ministry even His disciples didn't have a clue of what He was talking about. I fear many in our day are still that way. Including some ministers of the Gospel. Some folks are convinced we can shout, sing, preach, dress a certain way, and or, learn to speak as religious folks tend to do, cease obvious sin that may or may not have been in our past, and that will bring us up to His level of thinking. I believe all those things are wonderful, but I know for a fact they will not get us there....At least not to the place that the Master teacher was teaching about, and where He wants us to abide. There is a place we can go...a place that no one can go but you...no tongue has soiled it...no one has walked there...Jesus had a place like that...and you can too...In that place you must listen for that voice...it is for you alone and no one else can hear it, the journey is for you alone...nobody else..When we go there we can only stay for a little while and then we must come back so that we can live...Some don't come back entirely...and they become the teachers of the spiritual world.

If we are not careful ritual becomes our way to try and get where Jesus was in His communication with the Father. Most are that way because that is what they have been taught. Don't misunderstand me, I love to sing and dance and shout when the Holy Spirit touches my emotions as much as anyone, but what happens when we are not in the mood? There have been times in my life as for everyone reading this that occasionally out of nowhere a dry spell appeared. And even though we may be sitting in a great meeting at church or fellowship, we may not feel a thing. Are we backslid?...The answer is no. But dear friend it ought not to be that only if everything is just right, we can feel the Spirit moving.

How we make this journey and the attitudes with which we travel is very important. So I want to talk about living. This is after all what we are all doing...we are living until...until something. We as humans although we are different from one another, can get ourselves all jacked up emotionally and stay that way for days, weeks, months, or even years. But if you walk the Christian walk long enough there will come in your journey a "Valley of Baca." And your religious life will become like a roller coaster. There are many things about your life which I do not know. But one thing I do know... you are living in an interim. And so am I. We are living in a...time-in-between...we are between what has happened and what will happen. We know a great deal about the past and very little about the future. What has been is past, and we are moving away from it, we are going on to what is to be. I will be sixty eight years old next month and I can assure you nothing about me is the same as it was when I started out except my faith in the Creator. Even the people around me are people I knew not. That includes children and grand-children. Think on that for a little bit...continued...

God Bless You


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