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Christian Author Writer Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you are a Christian--you have to have Jesus in your heart. 1Jn:5:11-12

Just because the message of the church is about grace does not mean that they should not teach about the consequences of sin and the reality of hell. The Bible teaches these thing and we should do it in the same measure.

Just because the church’s message is about eternal life does not mean that they should not preach on eternal death. The Bible does.

Just because too much makeup makes one look silly or cheap or on the make, does not mean that those wanting to set a good example or be a good witness must not wear any makeup at all.

Just because the church is not to regulate how much of the body is to be covered, does not mean that they should not teach the concept of modesty and being a good witness and of considering others. Gen: 3:21, 1Tim: 2:9

Just because the people in Polynesia run around with very little clothes on, does not mean that the church in America should turn a blind eye to immodesty. Gen: 3:21, 1Tim: 2:9

Just because we are not to judge people does not mean we can’t discern between good and evil, the obedient and disobedient, the delivered from sin and the not delivered from sin. Matt: 7:1 & 17

Just because you heard that God’s love is unconditional does not mean that He will turn a blind eye to your sin. 2Tim:2:19

Just because Jesus died on the cross to save sinners does not mean that you can go on sinning and still have eternal life--sin leads to death. Rom: 2:1-10, 6:22-23, 8:6-14

Just because you take communion does not mean you are really a part of His body. Matt: 7:21-23

Just because you asked God to cover your sins with the blood of the lamb does not mean you can deliberately sin and have it under the blood. Matt: 7:21-23

Just because you are a generous and/or kind person does not mean you will go to heaven. You must be born again. You must have Jesus in your heart. Jn: 3:3, 1Jn: 5:11-12

Just because your parents or parent was a Christians does not make you one. Jn: 3:3, 1Jn: 5:11-12

Just because you never did anything really bad does not mean you are going to heaven. Jn: 3:3, 1Jn: 5:11-12

Sylvia Huffnagle

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