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Christian Author Writer I stepped out on the porch to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a beautiful sunshiny morning with Jenny Lee my little girl cat. The squirrels and birds were all over the place waiting for a handout. They don't think I am God, but they are pretty sure Poppa be His little helper cause I feed them every day.

The porch is screened so Jenny can't get out, and it helps keep the bugs off of us, there is a certain spot that gets the morning sun and she loves to bask in it and catch a few rays, You know...a girl has gotta do what a girl gotta do...Come on and say Amen!...But this morning she was anxious and stood in one spot staring at something. So Poppa figured he better check it out just in case it was a lion or something ferocious! As I neared the end of the porch I noticed a full grown Robin pacing back and forth chirping very loudly and clearly upset about something. It turned out to be her baby, it couldn't fly because it's little wings were to small for the size of it's body, (not uncommon for the Robin until a certain stage of maturity). So I decided to do nothing, and wait to see how all this played out. However, one thing I did know, big changes were in store for that Baby or it would not survive!...

Whatever we decide to do or not to do, there is a time of change, a time of movement, a time of going on from what we are, to the place or condition where we should or need to be. In the Old Testament, Abram heard the call of God to move to a new land, and we can only wonder at the strength of that call. I wonder what would it take to get us to move to a new spiritual land? Moving from an old place to a new place in our spiritual lives maybe even what we are called to do, such a move would require an act of our will. And the timing of the Holy Spirit. 

What will it take to get us to make that move? Jesus said to Nicodemus, "The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." I believe Abram must have heard the "sound of the Spirit", and he picked up all his family and possessions and went where that sound led him. The Gospel of John doesn't tell us what happened to Nicodemus at that point in time, but he, too, must have moved to
new places, because he appears again to help with preparations when Jesus is lifted down from the cross. 

As we move deeper and mature, on this, our journey, we don't know where it will lead, and a question arises, are we afraid of power? Most folks I know, are afraid of power that is beyond our control. We want a "controlled burn" not a wildfire. At some level, we come to know that the fire of the Spirit cannot be a controlled burn and can be a wildfire at times, and wildfires change more than we had in mind. It makes us cautious about really inviting the Spirit into our lives.

I saw a film about the frigid waters around Greenland. There are countless icebergs, some little and some gigantic. If you observe them carefully, you notice that sometimes the small ice floes move in one direction while their massive counterparts flow in another. Surface winds drive the little ones, but the huge masses of ice are carried along by deep ocean currents.

The Holy Spirit whispered to me..."many times when the children of God face changes, trials, tragedies, and heartaches, all they see is the surface winds."... He said, " it would be much better for us to see our lives as being subject to two forces, both 'surface winds and ocean currents'. The winds represent everything changeable, unpredictable, sometimes distressing, and many times joyous and full of glory. But operating simultaneously with these gusts and gales is another force that's even more powerful. It is the sure movement of the Father's wise and sovereign purposes, the deep flow of His unchanging love. For you see, "Deep Calleth Unto Deep"

The mother Robin managed to get the baby, through her loud chirping and coaxing to hop up on a water faucet for the night.The next morning she worked and worked to get him to the roof top, sometimes fluttering over him with her wings and being a little on the rough side. Then to a power line and then to the safety of the tree from which he fell. This process took a total of two days, I don't mind telling you Poppa was exhausted by the end of the ordeal, and Jenny Lee was thrilled with all the excitement and action. I shouldn't need to talk very long to make you get several messages out of this story.

There was something going on a lot deeper than a bunch of wing flapping and loud chirping dear friend, Sometimes folks think making a lot of noise is the moving of Holy Spirit, but I stopped by today to tell you a much deeper thing was taking place in that scene...It was the deep love that mother robin had for her baby. She knew if he stayed on the ground he was sure to die. You may say, Poppa two days is not long. I say, in the little robins world it seemed like an eternity. We Christian folk love to talk about the exploits of the eagle, we sing songs about her, we preach fantastic soul stirring sermons about her. But let me remind you, we are not all eagles. Some of us are Robins, and we matter as much to God as the mighty eagle.

I am sure the little fellow was not accustomed to momma treating him this way, all he could see and feel was the wind of her wings as she slapped him along with her loud seemingly abusive chirps. But dear friend there was a deep current moving underneath it all...A current deep enough and strong enough to move giant icebergs if need be.....Can you say Amen?

Was the little robin's fall caused by being over zealous? I can't answer that. Even though he had learned to 'chirp'...he sure wasn't ready for the warfare he was about to face.....Do you understand what I am saying here?

Maybe he felt like an eagle or had an unction, or felt led to step out, that has become one of the biggest jokes the church world has created. Many times we are operating in our emotions or reasonings and calling it "the leading of the Holy Spirit"....

I pray that you can see, I am talking about the opposite of the eagle stirring her nest. This time I am talking about leaving the nest too early. That is as dangerous as not leaving the nest at all. It's all about the timing of Holy Spirit.

God Bless You

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