A Burden For The Lost

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Christian Author Writer Some Christians can appear so harmless, cleansed, free from sins of commission and yet have no burden for the lost or even for those in their church. They heard that Jesus is their mediator and has brought about peace with God, but they didn’t hear that He wants believers to be more than conquerors in this present world.

One reason for this is that Jesus as their personal Savior so they could go to heaven was emphasized. But, apparently, anything that was said about living a higher life or about saving the lost went over their head. They remain carnal-minded and therefore think in the temporary instead of in the eternal.

Those who receive the good news in its entirety quickly learn to think eternally. Thinking eternally instead of just dealing with what’s happening now has a very different effect on a Christian. It grieves them to see and hear all the different deadly influences around them--in the news, on TV, at the work place, among their neighbors, among their extended family, etc, where the ways of death are flaunted, taught, displayed, paraded, and exploited almost everywhere one turns.

Those who have embraced eternal life hate the ways of death. They don’t just choose not to participate in the ways of death, they hate to see what’s it’s doing to those who embrace it. They hate the thought of people living in open rebellion against the God of life without being given every chance to know the truth.

They know how easy it is to sin and how much harm sin does to people. They are eternally grateful to be free and clean and reconciled to the Father. They want everyone to have what they have. They want everyone to have every chance to hear and receive the truth. Therefore they take every opportunity to tell people the truth and to be part of ministries that are telling people the truth.

What I wanted to point out is that this group of Christians received the love of God and they have renewed their mind with the Word of God which teaches one to think eternally. Walking in love and thinking eternally causes the believer to grieve other the magnitude of evil influences in the world and motivates them to do all they can to counter the devil’s lies with God’s truths.

Sylvia Huffnagle

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