The Blood Of The Lamb

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Christian Author Writer The blood of Jesus is powerful. Why, because the Son of God shed it? Yes, and also because of the price He paid to cleanse you. He went through extreme agony of temptation, extreme agony of punishment, and extreme agony of death. And it was all an act of agape love. That is why the blood of the lamb has the power to wipe out not only the penalty of the sin, but also the record of the sin. The believer must know and understand that Jesus’ blood is that precious because He paid the maximum price to bring about their cleansing. It must not be taken lightly.

When the devil torments a Christian about their past, they need to understand the power of Jesus’ blood. It completely null and voids the transgression--as if they had never done it. The believer must know and understand that Jesus’ blood is that powerful. For a Christian to allow their self to be unsettled about their past sins is a to make His blood sacrifice a small thing.

Speaking of the blood, I think the church takes it too far when they attribute the whole of salvation to the blood. The blood isn’t even mentioned in the full armor of God that every Christian must put on in order to be protected from evil.

The blood does not perform the offices that Jesus performs. The blood does not get you to heaven. It only makes you a candidate for heaven. It qualifies you to receive the Holy Spirit. It takes the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the Word as well as the blood to get you into heaven.

The blood of the Lamb is the beginning of our salvation as a broken down car cannot run until it is put in the hands of a good mechanic, so a person needs to be put into God’s hands in order to be made to run right. After the reconciliation, comes restoration.

Many rely on the blood of the lamb as a coverall, The blood covers confessed sin, but the real covering is the wedding garment which is putting on Jesus. Rom: 13:14

Rev: 12:11 does say that they overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. That’s because the blood of the lamb bought the package. But let’s receive, use, and acknowledge the package which is spiritual life--living and if need by dying God’s way and not man’s.

Sylvia Huffnagle

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