If You're an Eagle, Why do you have Hen House Ways?

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Christian Author Writer Two men that worked with me were riding with me to work one day, they both knew I was a minister but I was also the boss and most of the time our conversation was limited to that level. The older one was a preacher and on fire for God, I had been knowing him for many years and knew his motto was,” If you want to talk about Jesus I will talk as much as you can stand, however on the job I will keep it to a minimum, we came here to give this man a days work." The younger one was married but still a party boy, his wife was a Christian and wanted so very much to see her husband saved, and was constantly trying to get him to go to church with her. Well, this was Monday morning and as we rode along the younger one said to my preacher friend, "I finally gave into my wife and went to church with her last night, Man O' Man, I never seen anything like that in my life, those birds were singing, playing the guitar, beating on the drums, shaking tambourines, playing piano, those birds were lifting up their hands, some of those birds were shouting, some of those birds were crying, some of those birds were dancing, it was a sight to behold, Hey Walker what kind of church do you go to?" Poppa was fighting to keep a straight face!..... My preacher friend said, "I'm one of those Birds".... Beloved you could have heard a pin drop!

The young man laughed and made jokes at the expense of Preacher Walker and continuously criticized him behind his back, The preacher asked me what he should do about it, I told him keep on preaching your message, keep walking in the Spirit, and pray that his eyes be opened. I left it alone for a few months but the young man got worse and worse. I prayed about it and was led to talk to him, I called him into my office and approached him with a sweet spirit. I asked him if he disliked Preacher Walker, he said, "no I really like the man but I don't like what he stands for". So I began to dig deeper and found out he once was in church and even a Deacon in his local church. He told me he left because what he found was the elders were always fighting and belittling one another and constantly talking about the members of the assembly, he said he went there to be with the people of God and was born again there, but realized they are a bunch of Mickey Mouse hypocrites. He was of the opinion most of the church people he has been around are just like that, including his mother his father and his wife. The ones that were not like that spend all their time in contention with those that are not of like faith. Needless to say that sat me back on my chair.

Poppa is a little fired up today so fasten your seat belts and let him unburden himself for a little while, I feel like I am 30 again, and preaching one last revival meeting!

I read a story someone sent me, I changed some of it and added some to it, but for the most part I absolutely love it. It is about a farmer who stumbled upon an eagle's nest with an egg in it. Not wanting the little eagle to die he took it home with him and placed it under one of his chickens that was setting eggs. The egg hatched and a beautiful normal healthy baby eagle was born. But right from day one the little eagle didn't fit into the barnyard scene even though that was all he had ever known. All he was sure of was somewhere deep inside something was telling him, "This isn't home". The farmer kept his wings clipped in hopes he would become a pet, unable to fly he set on a fence post in the barnyard looking up into the sky. His body confined to the earth his heart in the heavens. He didn't know why nor could he understand his feelings, but he knew there was something deep inside him that wanted to be free. As time went by the farmer forgot to clip the eagle's wings and one-day as he set on his post looking upward a great gust of wind caught him under his wings and he was lifted from his perch. With a scream of victory and freedom he left the barnyard scene forever and soared into the heavens to meet his own kind.....
Oh' Dear ones please note that he waited faithfully. Isa.40:31

I love this story and see how it is related to our walk with the Lord. Beloved do you see what I see? Eagles here are symbolic of the Bride of Christ! And the "mounting up" process is important and necessary for those who hear the call to go higher, The Apostle Paul said in Philippians, "I press toward the mark, for the prize"...What prize?. He answers that for us...it is.."The 'High' Calling of God"... In Christ Jesus". Make sure you remember, the Apostle was already born again, but he could hear the Holy Spirit saying "Come up higher". That is what the high calling of God is...Sad to say not everyone who enjoys God's blessings and grace will want to destroy the idols of this world. Nor will they want to pay the price to soar on the wings of the Holy Spirit. Only those who hear His voice calling them to a higher place will even consider this.

Chickens are earthbound, they keep their eyes on the things of this world, they scratch out an existence and never lift their heads to look any higher than where they are. They scratch in the dirt, eat whatever is thrown to them and search greedily in their barnyards for more to fill their bellies, much of it unclean. By nature chickens are an unclean bird, they are bound to their existence and are satisfied with it. 1John 2:15 is clear when the writer said, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him"...WHAT?.....

I have had chickens a good portion of my life and one of the things I noticed about them that always reminded me of some church members I have pastored, is that, if one of them gets a sore on his head the other ones will continue to peck at that sore until they peck his brains out. Dear neighbor I have seen folks do it in the church, and on Christian websites until they make me want to loose my supper. Baptist against the Catholic, Pentecostal against the Lutheran, Presbyterian against Episcopal. Some spend so much time talking about the others and fighting amongst themselves they haven't had a soul saved in years.... I don't even want to know what flavor you are!..... Sometimes the best thing you can do is just keep your mouth shut. I remember a time when Sister Mary Frances and I were young and members of a church that had a ladies meeting in different homes every week, I came home one day and asked, How was your tea party today honey? It was as though I opened a can of worms! She said, "I will never attend another one, all those women did was gossip about every fault every member in the church has!...Barnyard hens I reckon.......

But that is not the way of the eagle, he has an inherited nature that will not survive in that kind of slop. To fulfill his purpose in life he must be free to soar the heavens. It may look lonely up there because not many will dare to rise to such heights...But the eagle doesn't care...it's not in his nature to need the approval of the majority. Dear friend we are living in an hour that you will see the Eagles of God begin to soar up up and away from a barnyard existence. And the Holy Spirit, is the one who will make our nest very uncomfortable. Just like the mother eagle that tears up the soft bed of her little one and breaks the twigs so that the jagged ends stick him. In short his life becomes miserable in the place he was once comfortable and safe. The Holy Spirit is doing that in the church today! He is bringing us to the place that we will be fulfilling our purpose for being here, or should I say, fulfilling the will and
purpose of our Father. It will be that way or you will be left out....
I am talking about the true church of God! ...Get in!... Get out!...
or... Get run over!

The church is in a great shaking and it's not the Father's wrath, its His love and wisdom, making us willing to take the next big step, so that we will let Him take us on our spiritual journey. He is building His Church and He wants you to be in the middle of it....."See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from Him that speaketh from heaven...Whose voice then shook the earth; but now He hath promised, saying, yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain" (Heb.12:25-27)....That's as plain as can be, If it's not of God He is going to shake it until its teeth falls out, and the only thing left is going to be that which is of God! Sometimes the flutter of our Fathers wings makes us think He is going to beat us to death but the bible says if we do not receive correction we are not His sons.

Unfortunately some do not want change. When a baby eagle flat refuses to learn after all of his mother's attempts to teach him she takes him high into the heavens and lets him fall to his death as she screeches in pain, knowing he must either fly or die on the rocks below.

In the church there are those who flat refuse to grow, they love the safety of the nest but hate the discipline. God has been patient, and long-suffering.(James 5:7) He works with them, giving them chance after chance. Until He finally let's them fall to the rocks of religion and tradition or worldly desires, or whatever it takes to save their souls, We have seen some of these great ministries come in, soar and then crash. This does not lessen the true revelations they received or the gifts they had. But the word says it would have been better for them if they had stayed with the chickens in the safety of the barnyard. Luke 9:62.

In the barnyards they sing, "I'll fly away" or "Send the Rain Lord, the Latter Rain”? Have you ever watched chickens in a rainstorm? They run around like crazy looking for shelter but they seldom find it. They huddle together in their misery, fearing every clap of thunder and lighting bolt. When God does send the. . . "Latter Rain". . . many of His chickens run hide from it. And I sure never knew why they sing.. "I'll Fly Away".. Chickens just won't fly, barnyards are to confining, they sleep in one place, lay eggs in one place, they eat from the dirt and it doesn't matter if it's a Baptist pen, Pentecostal, or Methodist pen; they can put whatever name they like on the door. They can cackle and crow about whatever advantage they think their barnyard has. They just have to remember their place and be sure they stay within their confinements.

Not so with the eagle, the same storm that pounds down on the earth, produces the wind that lifts the eagle above the storm clouds. God is delivering many today from their earthbound existence and lifting them by the Spirit of revelation into heavenly places. No barnyard can hold the eagle; he is most miserable if he isn't free. He is only alive in the freedom of the heavens, as we are only alive in the freedom of the Spirit in our Father. There is always room where the willing "eagle saints" gather. Unlimited revelation and truth flows like a river.
There are no creeds, by-laws, or rigid beliefs to separate the body, only heavenly worship, freedom of the Spirit, deliverance and love. The dull boring routine of the "barnyard" is a thing of the past for those who will rise on the wings of eagles and fly into the Wind.

Did you ever read the story in 2 Samuel about Absalom sending for Joab and Joab wouldn't come, and Absalom sent for him the second time and Joab still wouldn't come, so Absalom set Joab's barley fields on fire to get his attention.

Well, that's what God did to the young man I was talking about in the beginning of this letter, things began to happen in the young mans life, for one his wife dumped him, then he lost his job. His world started falling apart and when he finally hit bottom, guess where he turned?.... Preacher Walker led the young man to the Lord and he has been one of those birds himself for over 30 years. YUK! YUK! He told me, "Poppa If I were prone to be a "Barnyard Saint" I would be guarding my stuff". You see, the young man was born again, but living in rebellion, So Father set his fields on fire to get his attention.

God is doing a swift work in His church. He will use those who are swift to hear, swift to believe, and swift to obey. The time is here; the call is going forth to let go of everything that holds you bound to this earth, to lay aside every weight and rise on the wings of eagles unto your Father where you belong.

You knew you were different and now you know why... Amen!

God Bless You!

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