David's Trouble

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Christian Author Writer David was a God fearing man and a good shepherd. One day he slew a lion to save his flock and another day he slew a bear. Then to deliver Israel, he slew the giant. He was able to do all of this because of his trust in the name of the Lord.

One would think his troubles should be over--he trusted God and overcame the lion, the bear, and the giant. No, no, they were just beginning. It looked good at first--the king summoned him to sit at his table. He was heralded for his musical talent and played for the king. He won fame for his courage and feats. That’s when and how his troubles started.

The king became jealous and fearful of David--he was afraid David would win all the people to himself. He instantly became an enemy to the king and the king sought to kill him. He had to flee for his life and become a nomad or vagabond and he even had to hide in caves. The king pursued him wherever he went. David spent many years hiding and in danger, but he never blamed God for his troubles, nor did he lose faith that his God would do right by him, if he did right by God.

After he was thoroughly tested and the devil could not get him to backslide, he became king. Now his troubles are over, right? No, no, the devil found his weak point while David was enjoying the luxuries of being a king--Bathsheba. David committed adultery, fornication, and even murder.

He was very remorseful and repented. God forgave him, but he lost a child. Later, one of his other sons usurped his throne and David had to run for his life again. David remained faithful to God and God restored him to his throne.

David was a mere seventy years old when his circulation became so poor that he suffered being cold all the time. He spent most of his time in bed trying to stay warm. But when he died, he went to heaven.

My point is that all of us have troubles. Most of us have some major troubles. It’s what you do in the trouble that will determine the outcome and your future. You’ve probably heard that before, but now you can relate to David’s trouble when you are in the midst of it and you can remember his outcome.

He became a mighty warrior. He became a mighty king. The Messiah came from His loins. He is known in the Bible as a man after God’s own heart. He died trusting God and someday we will hear him say--it was worth it all.

Sylvia Huffnagle

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