The Bride Will Be The One Riding The Camel - Part 1

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Christian Author Writer Some years ago I was asked to come to a new church in another state and teach the morning services at a camp meeting. I arrived at the airport expecting to see my old pastor friend but was not surprised when he sent someone else. (he has a reputation for such) I can well remember a time he invited Nancy Harmon to our church, she accepted and he disappeared; he had it scheduled for an outdoor meeting without plan B. My!My! What a disaster that turned out to be. I remember thinking this lady has to have a double gift of love and patience, not only did it rain, it was 105 degrees. She never complained, but in the middle of her concert we had to move everything to the church about 2 miles away. I was amazed. She never missed a beat. . . talk about dedication!

This was another day and a few years later, the young man that picked me up at the airport was the song leader at the church and on fire for God, with aspirations of becoming a fireball famous evangelist. I must inject, he had all of the mannerisms of such a preacher, and full of questions for me as we made the trip back to where the church was to be built. (notice I said, to be built) Yes, after I got there I found there was no church.

One of those questions was, "what qualifies you ( meaning me) to come here and speak to this church?, and don't give me that old song and dance that God called and you answered" ... Did I mention my pastor friend had disappeared? . . . It came time for the meeting to begin and I found there was no morning service and I was to be the main speaker for a revival meeting. The only thing that saved the whole meeting other than the love of God was a family group called "The Camerons", whom I had never heard of but am told later became very popular. Well, the men in the church (to be), cut down a Hugh tree and the stump became my platform. At this point I wasn't feeling very qualified and was thinking that Nancy really was a Gladiator in disguise.

I remember as if it were yesterday. The leader of the singing group stepped up behind me, put his arm around me and whispered to me in a heavy Scottish accent , "just remember son, tis all about the love of Almighty God." it felt as if a bolt of lighting struck and ran throughout my entire being. A few months before, a man called John Osteen had just left the pastorate of a church in Houston, Texas because they wouldn't let him preach the gospel as he felt led of the Holy Spirit. He rented an old feed store down the street and started a new church, a minister friend and I went by to visit the services and Pastor Osteen invited me to the platform to pray, when I stepped to the pulpit he stepped up behind me put his arm around me and I felt that same touch of the Holy Spirit.... Why are you saying all that Poppa?

Even though - I had been to bible college, to the mission field, and had been an evangelist for a few years, I could preach and teach, quote scripture, pray for the sick, take up the offering, and all those things I was trained to do. (some even said I was good at it) I was washed in the Blood of the Lamb, full of zeal, able to draw a crowd, and see souls born into the kingdom of God...did I mention I was preaching twenty meetings a year that's two hundred eighty days plus travel time! - One day one of my heroes of the faith, a man that truly was a mentor, told me, "You are blessed in that you have much knowledge and for your age have acquired a lot of wisdom. And you are as some evangelists and writers like to say are, 'Storming the Gates of Hell', but you are lacking in one thing, the most important thing of all, and that is understanding. He said, "I can teach a chimpanzee to do all of the things you are doing."

My mentor went on to say," The most valuable thing on this earth is the soul of man, and one of the sweetest things anyone can experience is to witness a soul being born into the Kingdom of God. But all too often we help in the birthing process and then leave that newborn bewildered and struggling for the milk of the word, and largely because many in the church and even, those that are in the ministry don't have a clue what to tell them other than 'Hold On, it Will Get Better'. When the enemy comes in like a flood, that's not enough!.... And there are many, even preachers and teachers that don't have the understanding why these things are happening to them. The growing pains have now begun and that newborn, and or the untaught Christian, is no different than raising a child".

What you need to know is the 'Way of the Master' and how He works in the life of a believer to accomplish His ultimate goal. And that will be nothing less than, to make us into His Image". He said, "You will never know His way, until you know Him".

At the time he made me angry. I didn't understand what he meant forty years ago. Today, I do. I hope my offering in this letter will help you beloved, as the Holy Spirit takes you through the stages we all must travel as we make this, "Journey Of The Redeemed".

Most folks that read me, know the gospel by John is my favorite, however, Matthew was a stickler for detail, so I will be using his rendition of the text I have chosen for this writing. Come with me and let us explore this wonderful chapter 14, as the Holy Spirit unfolds these treasures tucked inside the word of God.

Jesus performed many miracles as He walked among man, however this is the only one recorded by all four Gospel writers. This is a clue of its great importance. This miracle was designed by the Lord to do more than just feed a multitude. It was designed to reveal Himself and the methods the Holy Spirit uses to provide for the maturing of the Believer.

As we all know, this is a tremendous miracle and it is usually thought of in a way that shows Jesus as the Bread of life. Sometimes we think of how the Lord can take just a little and make a lot out of it. However, in this letter, I want to think of this miracle from another view. I would like for us to see how the Lord Jesus receives us into His fold as He did the bread and two fishes, and then puts us through a process, so that not only shall we be multiplied to feed a multitude, but how in that process we grow and mature in order that we take on the very image of Christ Himself. Jesus "took" a small amount of bread and fishes that was "given" Him, and greatly expanded it. I am aware that at times we may feel like our lives are small and limited, But I want to show you that anything that is placed in His hands, shall grow and be used of Him in mighty and remarkable ways. If you have a little time come with me, the stroll and the exercise will be good for you.

Keep in mind as we walk with Him through His wonderful word, what He did with these loaves of bread and fishes, He can and will do with you, if you will place all you have, and are, in His hands! Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. (Heb.13:8) . . . Amen!

Continued in Part Two . . .

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