Between Worlds

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Christian Author Writer I was sailing high above the earth in a hot air balloon on a warm San Diego evening. It was like gliding on whipped cream as we hovered over beautiful mansions but one of the passengers wasn’t as thrilled as me as he yelled out toward the mansions, “Why do you deserve so much!”

For me just being there was a lifetime dream come true-- a miracle that almost never happened.

I have hovered between worlds many times before but not in so nice a place as an hot air balloon. So many times I have forgotten God and strayed so many broken promises that I have given God, “God if I can just (do this or be that) I will do everything that you tell me.”

It seems to me that I always want more. I constantly struggle to be have and do more, I want greatness. I have also missed so much through my striving for greatness.
There are times in our lives that are fraught with peril that we have no control over, like the time that I was lost in my own dark world locked away in a hospital room that was called lock up. I had been in that room for the maximum amount of time--three days-- before I would be sent to the state hospital. I would not be here now if it were not for God and a couple of prayers.

It was the the second night in lock up and closing in fast on the third day when my husband ( who had formerly told me that he was an atheist) got down on his knees and asked the Lord to save me. All was darkness for me and I had even forgotten my own name when I heard God,

“Let go!” And, “Go toward the Light.”

I started searching for any light that I could find in the darkened room and found light pouring in through a vent in the wall so I went over to the vent and tried to unscrew it. I suddenly remembered that Jesus is the Light so I prayed, “Dear Jesus please save me!”

I remembered my full name.

I tend to forget a lot especially the times that God has spoken to me or the things God wants me to do. I do remember some things though.

I did forget that a jet was careening toward us that evening in San Diego. I suppose my forgetting this event is excusable though because my attention was fixed elsewhere. Now looking back I wonder what kept that jet from colliding with the Balloon. Was it a silent prayer from one of the passengers?

Or was it simply God’s unfathomable grace?

All I know is that something outside of mine or any of the passengers in that balloon’s control saved us.

As I said my attention had been fixed elsewhere--in the distance it was raining and there was a beautiful rainbow streaking across the sky. Why do I strive and struggle so hard for great- ness when all around us lay His grace? His simple gift of Love. And now I ask myself, “Dear Holy God--Why do I deserve so much!”

From now on I will look to the Rainbow in everything and the promise that I will receive new and added life. While I may never own a mansion I realize that for some that is all they will ever know of Christ while He still promises that I will be rewarded on earth as well as in heaven.

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16 (NIV)

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