Christian Writer Author: Peggy Ann Kennedy
Location: Wyoming , United States

Christian AuthorMy favorite words as a child were I can't- as I contemplate these words I think they are still my favorites. I have found so many times that I can't but God can. When I was told that law would be too stressful for me because I have a mental illness, I read the whole King James version and received my A.A.S. degree as a Paralegal and was even placed on the Dean's honor roll. I was told that I couldn't write because of my illness but Jesus told me that, "[I] must save someone through my writings." I trusted His voice and have a self-published book of poetry just released through BookSurge and I have completed an apprenticeship certification through Christian Writer's Guild.

Health continues to be a problem for me though because it has just been found that I am not depressed but that I have Rapid Cycling Bi-polar Disorder and Hypothyroidism, although, my Psychiatrist wonders why I don't act like the typical person with RCBD and asks, "What's your secret?" I still have my moments but when I do I try to remember to call on God -- God has a plan for each of us and none of us are bigger than Him!

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Points Of Light  
Christian Article  - God
Fiction: True
For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13 (NIV) I have imaginings of what life was like before I was born, although, it differs from the mormon view that says, “ everyone existed in heaven before born on earth. We have all existed eternally as ‘intellegences’ and were later born in heaven as spirit children of God ... Read Christian Article

Between Worlds  
Christian Article  - Personal Testimony
Fiction: False
I was sailing high above the earth in a hot air balloon on a warm San Diego evening. It was like gliding on whipped cream as we hovered over beautiful mansions but one of the passengers wasn’t as thrilled as me as he yelled out toward the mansions, “Why do you deserve so much!” For me just being there was a lifetime dream come true-- a miracle that almost never happened. I have hovered betwe ... Read Christian Article

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