The Eleventh Hour

Writer Author  Jacqui Julyan
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Christian Author Writer Come out, Come out be separate. Do not partake in their sacrifices to idols. Those who are a friend of the world and its practices are an enemy of God.

Forked lightening shall separate the four corners of the world and my wrath will fall upon the wicked. Storms will brew and will not be tamed by man. It is I, the Lord, who sends the thunder and lightning from heaven. It is I that control the doors of heaven to withhold or pour the rains upon the earth.

The chariots with my horses in the heavens are ready at my command to do my bidding. It is time for war not peace. Those who say ŒPeace Peace‚ to you are not from me. I am a God of War, my war thrown from the Throne room of Heaven. I will purge the earth from My Throne. The earth is my footstool.

Do you not know have you not heard there is only one God, one Saviour, one Lord of all the earth?
The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah is Œwhite‚ compared to the sin that now reigns over this generation on earth. The stench of it has reached my nostrils. The cries of injustice, cries of innocence of the children has pierced my heart. Vengeance is mine it will not go unpunished.

Be prepared. Be ready for when the Son of Man comes in all its Glory I will find I know few who have faith in me. The gate is narrow as is the path, few find it. For my names sake many will be persecuted some to prison and some unto death but blessed are those who are persecuted because of the name of Jesus, the only Testimony. The gift of long-suffering through my Holy Spirit is ignored but for those that suffer for my name great is thy reward in heaven.

You cannot pick and choose parts of My Word. It is ALL my Word and the mysteries of the gospel are given to those set apart for me who come out of all religious institutions established by man. I know those who have sincere hearts towards me, their hearts humbled before me. Their servant hearts, gentle, dove-like lives guided by my Holy Spirit rests upon them. I know my sheep and they know me.

Oh tremble you nations! You pour contempt onto the name of the only one true living God, the Lord. I am the everlasting to everlasting. There is none beside me.

Wake up, Wake up, repent; humble yourselves before me before it is too late. The eleventh hour is fast approaching. My Hand is before the Day of Judgement. Repent.

Shofar girl
(jacqui julyan,cornwall,uk)

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