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Christian Author Writer Persecution is just starting. All peoples will be scattered in different directions. The True Church of Jesus Christ is to come together in suffering.

This separation of the wheat from the chaff must take place because I can hear the cries of My people under the heavy load of the Egyptians. Those false prophets, false teachers who worship not Me, the One True God. They worship the things they make, they worship accolade of self.

Yes a split in four different directions East, South, North, and West in that order. Climb through the hole in the wall put your bags on your backs and go where I am leading you. Turn your back against those who do not walk closely with Me. For as surely as water goes down the plughole never to be seen again, so the wicked are to be swept away for all time.

Many are standing in My Way. This is the year of separating and splitting. I am to rip apart foundations of both man and his creations that have nothing to do with Me.

Descending upon My winds are many dividing angels sent by My Command to come into governments, businesses, families and individuals. I am to separate, splinter the holy from the unholy.

As I speak volcanoes will tear right open and the fiery abyss of hot lavae to pour forth to cover man-made temples. Mountains are physically to be removed the highest will become as nothing, the lowlands to be elevated.

I am to undo the work of satan who has worked against My people. I am to replenish My people their souls, their lives and their land those whose hearts are totally for Me.

Prisoners locked up as though guilty whom I know are innocent are to be broken free by My Hand alone. My angels at My Command are to break the shackles and much freedom and joy shouted in the name of My Justice.

I am to speak to the mountains who are going to release all the loose scree to slide down into the valleys covering forever idols made by man.

Many will call on the name of Jesus and be saved. For it is the only name in Heaven and all the Earth by which men may be saved.

I am to restrain evil where My Holy Spirit is to move in abundance and I am to allow in the West an unleashing of evil to prune more people to see exactly where there hearts lay, either with Me or against Me.

The channel tunnel is to be closed forever. It is unstable and the earthquakes to come will squash many roads in France.

Rome is to be shook the hardest. The heart of evil for their false religion and false piety is to come wide open for all to see. Their gold will be worthless. Many of My children lay in torment and ruin by these self-appointed priests, false prophets and teachers from Rome.

I, the LORD am the Only God. The God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob. Yes, I am to shake the Romans once again for all time. Volcanoes will again erupt once more at the wickedness that lies behind closed doors.

The Olympic Games will not take place for I am to disrupt all building work. There will be no money to complete it for these buildings are built by builders who labour in vain and it is not for My Glory. This is for man’s glory, vain glory, I am the LORD.

Cows are to stop producing milk, I the LORD am to prevent more and more greed happening. A time of rationing will become commonplace again but in greater measure.

My Church will be built but not by bricks and mortar and My Wrath will vent until I say it is finished then I’ll bring restoration and Grace and Mercy but Judgement is to come in its fullest measure ever seen.

I, am the LORD.

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