The Year of the Lords Favour and Wrath

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Christian Author Writer This is the year of the Lords Favour to those that trust and obey and love as I have commanded and given selflessly for my names sake.

This is the year the healing wings from Heavens Throne above will touch my beloved and bring forth new hearts, new minds, more open to my Holy Spirit. Gifts in abundance both spiritually and physically. Miracles, answers to long standing prayers will bring Glory to my name and bring forth praise and joy to my beloved church. My Bride, my beautiful Bride.

This is also the year of disasters unfolding. The threshing floor sweeping the dross the uplifting of the weeds surrounding and harming my beloved church. I have given many opportunities to repent. The time is at hand. My time to act has come. I do not want anyone to perish but I am a just God, a jealous God and I am about to display my wrath to give others who have one foot in each camp time to repent. The time is at hand.

You say you love me but also do not do what I say. The time has come for you to choose. Forsake all for me. You are either with me or against me. You either serve the Lord or you serve yourself and your god of money. This chokes my word and bears no fruit which is what I require. Fruit of repentance.

Who do you say I am?
Whom will you serve, God or mammon?


I desire servants who will do what I ask to trust and obey. O unbelief it is riddled in your lives. You do not believe!

Come, come to Jesus my heart, my storehouse is ready to pour spiritual abundance of forgiveness. This is the year of My Forgiveness.

A contrite and humble broken servant life I require. You rely on your own self for everything yet you pray to me. I do not and will not listen to these prayers any longer.



Three things will last

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