Undie Man To The Rescue

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Christian Author Writer Last night my grandson, Cobi, was putting his pajamas on in the bathroom when suddenly, the door swung open and he jumped out. Wearing his underwear on his head, he announced, "It’s Undie Man to the rescue!"

Cobi loves super heroes. Last week when I bought him new shoes, his choice did not depend upon color, style, or comfort, but upon which super hero decorated the side of each shoe. When Cobi doesn’t want to do something, like taking medicine, I suggest that a super hero could do it, and suddenly his attitude changes. He flexes his muscles, sticks out his chest, and transforms into a fearless boy who can do anything.

I could take a lesson from him. I’m no hero and I’m not super compared to anybody, but I can live fearlessly by reminding myself of the super heroes of faith. Their stories in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible illustrate how God’s people have managed to live without fear in the past and how I can do it today.

The Bible admonishes us to "fear not" and to "be strong and courageous." These things are easy to talk about, but tougher to put into practice, especially when your life makes Job’s look like a vacation in paradise.

David was hated and hunted by the King and his armies, yet he trusted God; and God took care of him.

Paul was hated by leaders of the Jewish religion. He was captured, beaten, and imprisoned over and over, but he remembered that God was with him. That knowledge helped him get through it all. In a letter to the Corinthian church, Paul wrote, "This all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."
(2 Corinthians 4:7)

When Jesus walked on the water toward the boat full of his apostles, Peter jumped out of the boat and headed toward him. (Matthew 14:28-30) He did well until he took his eyes off Jesus and looked around at the wind and the waves. Then he began to sink.

Peter knew Jesus had the power to help him walk on water, or he never would have left the boat; but he quickly forgot his goal when he saw how powerful the forces around him were. He needed a reminder to keep his eyes on Jesus. When he did that, he was fine and stayed above the waves.

We know God wants us to triumph in the midst of trouble. We know He’s willing to give us the power to do it. We just forget sometimes because we’re so busy looking at the problems that we take our eyes off the one who is stretching out His hand to help us.

When "Undie Man" emerges from my bathroom, I’m reminded to look to God for strength to live out the superhero life He’s called me to. He provides power for me to leap over insurmountable obstacles that Satan puts in my way. I may not get a cape or an insignia on my chest, but God gives me everything I need to be victorious.

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