God Will Make A Way (Chapter 9)

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Christian Author Writer The Glasgow airport was crowded, and Renee had a hard time understanding the Scottish accent. She found her way to the bus stop and purchased tickets to Inverness. She sat and waited for her bus to arrive. While waiting in the bus terminal, she noticed how difficult it was to understand the conversations around her. These people spoke English, but with their Scottish brogue and different Scottish slangs she definitely had a hard time knowing what was said. Of course, there were a few rough looking guys sitting in the corner and she could clearly make out every other word they said; those words, however, she wished she couldn’t understand. Suddenly a rough teenage girl appeared in front of Renee. She pushed a cup of tea towards her and mumbled a bunch of sounds. Renee had not a clue what was being said, so she just smiled and shook her head no. The girl tried one more time pushing the tea toward her and mumbling, but finally she walked away.

Renee began second-guessing her choice to come to Scotland. What good would she be here if she couldn’t even communicate with the people? Maybe she had missed God’s plan when she turned Robert down. Her mind wandered to Robert, she touched the necklace that lay under her shirt. On it was the ring Robert had left with her. She didn’t know what to do with it, so she decided to wear it on a chain around her neck, that way she was not agreeing to a relationship with Robert; also she was not completely closing the door. She ran her finger along the necklace and stopped at the ring; maybe he would come and be with her?

The bus she rode finally pulled into the station at Inverness. She was grateful to be able to stand up and move around. She felt as though she had been traveling for weeks and was eager to find Mrs. Macleod and get settled in their home. She went to gather her luggage when she noticed her bags were missing. She tried to get the bus driver’s attention, when he finally took notice she asked him where her luggage was. The man shook his head. He looked in the compartment, which was now empty.

“I don’t know where they could be. I guess I’ll have to report the missing bags to the office. Can you wait for a few minutes while I call them?”

“Okay, I guess I really don’t have much choice.” Renee was deep in thought. As she turned to find a bench to sit on, she smashed right into a rather ordinary-looking man.

“Oh, excuse me,” she quickly said and side stepped around him.

“No problem. Are you all right?” the man asked.

“I am fine, except my suitcases have gone missing,” Renee said with a frown.

“Missing? Are you sure they were on the bus?” he asked.

“Yes, I put them in the compartment myself.” Renee’s eyes looked worried. She had packed some of her precious keepsakes in those bags. Her favorite photos of her family were packed in the little black overnight bag.

The man walked around the bus with a thoughtful look in his eyes. “Could your bags be in that compartment?” he asked pointing to a locked door.

“I guess it is possible.”

Just then the driver came back to her. “I need to have you fill out a police report.”

“Perhaps we could look in that compartment,” the man asked.

“Oh no, they won’t be in there, that’s just personal things and some extra supplies for the bus,” the driver told them.

“Well, it won’t hurt to look,” Renee said.

The driver looked agitated and finally agreed to unlock the door. As soon as the compartment was opened Renee noticed her three bags inside. She quickly grabbed the overnight bag that held so many keepsakes. The man grabbed her other two bags and said thank you to the driver.

“Oh, thanks so much for helping me,” Renee said to him.

“My pleasure,” he said as he followed Renee to a bench. “Can I help you get a cab or bus?”

“No thanks, I am waiting to meet someone.” She noticed his eyes sadden.

“Your husband?” he asked hoping to be wrong.

“Oh no, I am not married. I am waiting for a friend to pick me up. I just arrived here from America.” She wondered why she had revealed so much to this stranger. She had no feelings of fear or danger when she looked into the man’s eyes.

“Can I get you a nice hot cup of tea while you wait?” he asked.

“Um, I don’t think I will be waiting long, but the tea sounds great.”

She sat on the bench and when he arrived with the tea she quickly thanked him. “Do you live here?” she asked.

“Yes, all my life. My name is Stuart, by the way.”

“Oh, hi, I am Renee,” she said as she quickly examined the man. He was a complete stranger, yet she didn’t feel apprehensive sitting with him. He was so plain looking, plain jeans and a T-shirt. While he definitely was not ugly, he was not resoundingly handsome. Yet when she looked at his eyes, she felt like she was in the presence of royalty.

“Renee, Renee! Is that you?” she heard an excited voice call from the side of her.

Mrs. Macleod greeted her with a heartfelt hug. They exchanged some small talk and prepared to go.

“Oh, this is Stuart; he has kept me company while I waited for you.” Renee smiled. “Actually, he is my hero!”

“Oh? How is he your hero?” Morag asked while looking at Stuart’s expression. He was visibly pleased to be considered Renee’s hero.

“Well, my luggage was missing, and he helped me locate it. It seems I accidentally put it in the supplies ompartment.” Renee was wearing the evidence of embarrassment all over her face while she relayed how Stuart had figured out where her bags were.

“Oh, that was so kind of you looking out for our Renee. Oh well, we really must get going; I have to take you home and then go see Murdo. It was a pleasure to meet you, Stuart.”

They exchanged goodbyes and Renee and Mrs. Macleod left. Stuart watched them leave. The smile on his face spoke volumes of what was in his heart. God had made a way! He was thrilled.

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