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Christian Author Writer “Well hello, hello; and welcome back to the ‘Let’s Get Baked With Betty’ show. I’m sure all of us who watched the show last week are still—over-cooked—with the recipe Betty demonstrated for the ‘I’m Forgiven Upside-Down Cake’. Now that sure was some kind of baking she taught us! Now we all know ‘I’m Forgiven’; and why am I forgiven? Say it with me now—‘I’m forgiven because Christ died for me’. Great job!

“Now I’d like to welcome our host, but not the ‘star’, of our show—Miss Betty Disciple!” (The audience goes wild as Betty enters the stage from the left.) “Good morning Betty; you look bright and fresh, are you ready to begin?”

“Of course I am announcer Sam! I’m always ready to share my recipes for good living with every one I meet!”

“Well there you have it folks! Miss Betty is ready! Take it away Betty.”

‘Thanks Sam. Hello Everyone!” (Audience replies with a hearty hello!) “I’m so glad you could join me today as I bake up one of my favorite desserts, Humble Pie!” (Everyone claps and cheers with excitement.)

“Now to begin with we need a mixing bowl; this one will do just fine. Ok, now let’s get our list of ingredients together: fear, serving, and love.”

“First we will take love and place it in our mixing bowl. Remember this is not any ordinary love. Actually we need to make sure this is a double sided love. Double sided love is sometimes hard to find, but I think if you really examine what Jesus did for you on the cross of Calvary you will begin to discover a double sided love. You see our first ingredient has got to be God’s agape love for us. His love for us is unconditional; that’s the kind of love that really works in all kinds of recipes, it works miracles when added to a variety of other ingredients like: hope, repentance, joy, prayer, and the list could go on and on.”

“So our love we are adding here is firstly, God’s love; but that’s not all there is to our first ingredient. We also need to make sure that our love for God is stuck together in this cup of love. Of course, if we really understand what God has done for us, it won’t be hard to throw in your love!”

“Let’s see, we have a cup of love in our bowl. Now we need to add fear!” (Audience gasps, no one likes fear.) “Wait a minute! This fear is a really good fear; it’s the fear of the Lord. This is a really healthy ingredient. If you search through Proverbs you will find many wonderful effects the fear of the Lord will have on your life.”

“We will add our fear now; really this fear could be called a reverence for the Lord. There it goes into our bowl. Oh look at how beautiful this mixture is looking already!”

“Now for our last ingredient; oh were did I put it?” (Betty searches for the missing substance.) “There it is! Sometimes serving likes to try to hide; but we’ve found it! Sometimes we’d just rather not help, we don’t want to use our time and energy for others. However, serving is a rather large ingredient we need in order to complete our humble pie. So don’t forget, if ‘your’ serving is trying to disappear, remember Jesus served and set the greatest example for us. Not only that, but God promises us great rewards for giving to others.”

“All right then, in goes are last ingredient and…Oh this is wonderful! It’s turning out perfect. Now we just need to find a container to keep our mixture in. Hmmm…I’ve got it! Let’s keep our humble pie safely and securely in our hearts! See you all next week! Thanks for joining me!”

“There you have it folks, another awesome recipe from Betty Disciple! This is Announcer Sam saying let make sure we all remember to eat some of our humble pie each and every day! God bless you!”

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