Christian Writer Author: April Boyer
Location: Ohio , United States

Christian AuthorApril Boyer was saved by grace at the age of ten, and rediscovered Christ at the age of 23..
She is active in encouraging and connecting with Christian writers and Group leaders.
One of her heart-interests is to encourage or work with small ministries and to watch their progress. MAP- "Mission for the Amish People" is one such ministry.

April is expanding and revising her website "Seeds in Season" that is now 5 years old. Visit for writing resources, and for editing solutions. A companion site - "Gramma Apple's Seeds" offers Christian articles for grandparents and grandchildren.

I've Written . . .

My Cold, My Mobility, My Pain, My Menopause  
Christian Article  - Encouragement
Fiction: False
"My cold is the worst in history. I was sick in bed and couldn't move for days." This has been heard in our house. Jack's cold, of course, could not possibly be as bad or as debilitating as my own cold. "My hot flashes are driving me crazy! Stay out of my way!" Jack could not be expected to respond in this. "My mobility is so poor today." My pain is keeping me down." These were also statem ... Read Christian Article

Give Me the Large Economy Size  
Christian Article  - Devotionals
Fiction: False
I will run the way of thy commandments, and thou shall enlarge my heart. Psalm 119:32 (KJV) Many elements of the Word of God may be found in Psalm 119. I've discovered so many intricate details within these verses. They talk about learning God's word, committing them to our hearts, to our thinking, to our behavior, and to our memories. But they also talk about obedience. The second part o ... Read Christian Article

The Master's Tools - The How-To Manual  
Christian Column  - Devotionals
Fiction: False
With every new appliance, kid's toy or bicycle, or technical gadget, there comes a set of instructions or a owner's guide. For the first time tool handler or home repair job, many how- to books are available. Some of us are adept at using tools and at managing repair jobs because we read the guides. Some need only look at the instruction manual as they go along. Others ignore the book altogethe ... Read Christian Column

The Master's Tools - Using All You Get  
Christian Column  - Devotionals
Fiction: False
In the book Sister Chicks, you would expect to get some fluffy inane girl talk. Instead, you get a serious talking to. Robin Jones Gunn manages to address real soul issues. In this particular situation, one character is non-stoppable and forward in every aspect of her life. The other character is reserved and holds back in many circumstances. The restrained friend tells her bold friend that sh ... Read Christian Column

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