Lead Me On, my Father.

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Lead me on, my Father,
onward we go.
Keep me under thy Crimson flow,
Holy acceptable, before you, I know.
O' Father lead me onward we go.

Lead me on, my Father,
no stopping, you are my rest.
While I'm in your service,
I truly am blest.
Every opportunity awaits me
like a butterfly in the wind.
O' Father lead me onward, again.

Lead me on, my Father,
it's your fullness I seek.
I want you with my whole heart.
I tremble as you speak.
I love you so much,
but truly am I weak.
Father just give me that touch.

O' Father you are my guiding light,
bearing witness through the night.
Nothing gets me down,
as I keep you in my sight.
O' Father you are my guiding light.

Praise God!!! Love You, Lord

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