His Poor Little Pitiful Lamb

Writer Author  Cheryl Mariano
Christian Poetry : Encouragement  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer It's not the first time I've felt like this
And I can't promise it will be the last
But I'm sinking Lord, please help me
I'm going down for the third time fast

I know just how it started
With neglect for your Word and Prayer
And now I feel so far from you
I can't see or hear you anywhere

My heart cries out Lord help me
Though I've wandered You know where I am
And He reaches down to pick me up
His poor little pitiful lamb

I don't deserve His mercy
Or the grace that He gives so free
But He restores to me full fellowship
When I pray dear God forgive me

Perhaps you are feeling so lonely
You've strayed and can't find your way home
And you think that God doesn't love you
That He's left you to make it all alone

But deep in your heart you are crying
Lord help me is your silent prayer
If you reach out your hand, believing in faith
You'll find that He's right there

Let your heart cry out Lord help me
Though I've wandered You know where I am
And He'll reach right down to pick you up
His poor little pitiful lamb

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