The Tear's Majestic Beauty

Writer Author  Cheryl Mariano
Christian Poetry : Hope  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer Tis the tiniest thing that we've ever beheld
The delicate drop of a tear
But it holds deep within the power of God
And to Him it is something so dear

The droplet that falls appears crystal clear
And only The Master can see
The vast depth it contains of faith, hope, and trust
Accomplishing its destiny

It can fall to the ground, on a sleeve, or a face
They are numbered and then safely kept
God then writes in a book the day they were shed
And the person for whom we have wept

"The deep crystal river in heaven so pure"
"Is majestic, I'll have to agree"
"But, your tears hold a beauty to me all their own"
God's voice gently whispers to me

"Attached to each one is the incense of prayer"
"And when it's time for My Will to be done"
"I will soften their heart with the tears you have shed"
"For I've collected and saved everyone"

I enjoy blowing bubbles, lady bugs and their dots, singing and children's laughter.

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