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Christian Author Writer In my bedroom drawer neatly tucked away
What mask to church will I wear today?

There are four from which I have to choose
But today, I'll wear the one that Hides the Blues

My Smiley mask, I've nearly worn out
It hides so well my fears and doubts

My Spiritual mask works like a jewel
It hides me when I've been mean and cruel

The mask I call my Ace in the Hole
Hides me when my heart is cold

Sometimes, I wish others could see
Right past the mask and into me

And help me find my way back home
To God's dear arms from whence I've roamed

But others seem to do so well
My failures I wouldn't dare to tell

Then, the question to myself I ask
"I wonder if they too, wear a mask"?

I fell in love with Jesus in 1970 and love Him more even now. Truly He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, and my Joy everlasting!

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