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Christian Author Writer In 2009 I was preparing to go with my husband, Tom Griner to Africa. It had been a couple of years since I’d had the opportunity to go, and frankly since our ministry started around 12 years ago I had not been able to go very often. Although I loved going to Africa, it was important for me to hold down the fort while Tom went, and to take care of my own children. I personally never wanted to let ministry take precedence over caring for my own family and their needs. I knew there would come a time when my own children would be grown and I would be free to travel to my heart’s content.

I was visiting a sister church a couple of weeks before we were to leave, and found myself a little perplexed. One of my grown children was in a situation of need and I couldn’t decide if I should stay home and minister to my family or go and believe that the Lord would cover the situation. Part of me did not want to leave, but part of me truly wanted to go. At the end of the service a woman approached me and gave me a word. She said that the Lord wanted to use me in Africa on this trip as a mother. That word hit my heart and I knew it was the Lord telling me that if I went and looked for children who needed my particular gift of caring then He would cover the situation at home. So I went, excited to look for the children I was supposed to mother.

Before we left Africa a local pastor contacted Tom to ask if we could come by for a visit and pray for his daughter. I had never met Ernest or his family but I was excited to visit and get to know them.

As we visited the grounds and saw the school that Ernest oversaw, we were very excited. We could tell that Ernest had a true heart of love for children and wanted to care for the people in his city. He then began to tell us of his daughter Lydia and how she was such a big help to him and the school. He told how she would teach, sing and dance, and how the children loved her. He shared how much he missed his daughter, and even though she had not died from her illness, she was in a sense dead to life. Earnest said, “Please, please come pray for my Lydia,” as we walked to his house.

As I entered the house I saw Lydia lying on the couch, and it was such a sad picture. She was beautiful, young, and perfect, except for the disease that had captured her and held her in bonds of immobility. How sad to think of how alive she was, how she brought life, love and help to their school. And here she was, living like a lump on the couch. Her arms hung down as she did not move or even notice as we came in. My heart cried out to the Lord, “I have three daughters around her age, alive, well, and full of life. What would I do and what could I say if this were one of mine lying there hopeless!?” Then the Lord spoke, “Give her hope, speak hope. Hope is what she needs.”
We all gathered around Lydia and prayed, and then I turned to Lydia’s father and mother and gave them what I perceived to be a word of wisdom. I told them they needed to begin to give hope to Lydia. They needed to remind her of the things she loved—of singing, dancing, and teaching. She needed to begin seeing herself doing again all the things she loved. They had to stop speaking negative things around her and acting like her life was over. She needed the hope that her life would return and she was not just a corpse on the couch. I felt sure she was going to live again. All of a sudden we saw Lydia move with all her might. She struggled to fling her arm around my neck and gave me the best hug I’ve ever received in all my life! She was saying, “Yes. Yes, I want hope. I want to live; I want to teach, to sing, and to dance.” And she was willing to fight for it. I held her for a while and spoke things I would speak to my own daughters, things only a mother would speak… things only a daughter would long to hear. When we left hope was full in all our hearts and in that house.

When we returned from our trip Tom talked to pastor Ernest and found out that Lydia, amazingly, was standing and singing and dancing again!

Perhaps for all of us there are times and seasons when we, like Lydia, are debilitated by the sorrows, cares, fears, and worries of life – but God is good, so good, and ever loving and faithful to hear us when we call. He is ready to give us hope today, the kind of hope that is able to bring life and healing to anyone who calls.

Kathie and her husband, Tom, are the founders of Father’s Heart Africa (, a non-profit organization seeking to bring hope to the future of Africa through child & pastor sponsorships, and support to the local church to build up schools, feeding programs, and clean water wells. They are also a part of the leadership team at Church on the Mountain, a vibrant community of believers in Crowley Lake.

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