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Christian Author Writer Transformation or “metamorphoo”, in the original Greek tense, indicates a work done but continues into the future. This is the norm for God’s people. As II Corinthians 3:17-18 so beautifully states (and I liberally interpret):

“We were slaves once and by the Spirit of God are now free. Free to be totally changed from our old ways of living into the new way of life exemplified by Jesus Christ Himself. Transformation from one state of glory to another is now the way of life for us.”

A perfect example of this type of transformation is demonstrated in the life of my friend Debra Crone. Several years ago she and her family decided to write down their dreams for the coming year. When they gathered together each member shared their dream and they agreed to pray to see these dreams fulfilled in the next 365 days.

Debra’s long held dream was to paint. Not just to paint though, Debra wanted her paintings displayed in a gallery in one of her favorite spots, Lahaina, Hawaii. David and Debra’s few visits to Hawaii were highlighted by strolling through the many art galleries along Front Street in old town Lahaina. The beauty of many of the art pieces would resonate in Deb’s heart like a particular note vibrates a tuning fork. She longed to express the creativity of her Father, the Creator. The only problem being that she had never painted before!

True to their agreement, Debra’s family began to pray for one another’s dreams. Yet, in respect to Debra’s dream, weeks passed and she hadn’t yet painted. Finally her kids decided to nudge Deb a bit and bought her a nice easel, wrapped it up and placed it in her living room. When Debra got home and took off the wrappings she was so stunned that she left the easel and the wrappings in the middle of her front room for two weeks.

One day, as Dave her husband was leaving for work, he casually asked about the mess in the living room, “Is that a piece of furniture or what?” That did it for Debra! After Dave left the house she gathered up her paints and brushes and finally began.

When Dave walked through the front door that night he immediately noticed the painting set on the mantel above the fireplace. With complete seriousness he asked out loud, “How much did that set me back, $400.00?” Debra said, “No”. He then asked, “Well where’d you get it then?” “I painted it” was her reply. “No way, how long did it take you?” said Dave, still incredulous. “Oh, about 8 hours” came Deb’s reply.

Tom HovsepianAnd so it began. To everyone’s amazement in less than 3 years her paintings were hanging in the largest gallery on Front St. in Lahaina, Hawaii. Not only that, but her works are also on display in a gallery in Napa, California. Debra’s dream was fulfilled and her paintings are now found in the 4th and 7th largest art markets in the country!

Transformation is a very real possibility, and it’s never too late to become the person God made you to be!

Tom Hovsepian is part of the leadership team at Church on the Mountain, a vibrant community of believers in Crowley Lake. We meet at 9:30a.m. Sunday mornings. Call for more information: 935-4272 or

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