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Christian Author Writer Issue #3729 - All good things come to an end

A few days ago I wrote on change. It is with some sadness that I am writing to announce one this evening.

All good things come to an end and this will be the last issue of Gleanings From The Word. Priorities in other ministries ("the cowboy church") and life changes make it very difficult to keep up with things.

After more than 3700 devotionals it is time to move to a new season in life. It has been a wonderful time ministering with all of you. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, praying for us and financial support.

We have made friends with people around the world many of whom we will never meet in person until we get to glory. We walked through tough times together and you have shared your joys and prayer needs with us.

You have blessed us greatly and we hope that in turn we have blessed you in some small way in return.

You can still follow my teaching if you like because each week's sermons from "the cowboy church" are recorded and put on that website There is also a cowboy church app which should be up in a couple of weeks for use with your smart devices. If you want to keep abreast of the happenings at "the cowboy church" you can also find us on Facebook .

My prayer is that each of you should grow deeper in your relationship with Christ, experience the abundant life he offers, and have the opportunity to share his love with many others. Until we meet again, here on earth, in the air or in Glory, may you be truly blessed.

I won't close with a goodbye, rather with “we will meet again.”

Thank you again.

Hallelu Yah
Yee Haw!

Be blessed


Never let the enemy tell you that you are worthless or insignificant. You have value in the eyes of God so great that it was worth dying for. You are a blessing to the world. You are so precious to God that heaven will not be complete without you.

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