Quiet Rescue

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Christian Author Writer Teenage boys and cars are often a recipe for disaster. My friends and I were no exception to the rule. We all went through our times of accidents, breakdowns and badly done repair work. There was a difference between my friends and I however, my father.

I turned sixteen in a small town in rural Canada. The nearest towns were fifty miles away. Between the towns was nothing but forest and highway.

My friends and I decided one evening to cruise the 50 miles and catch a movie at the drive in. That was a big night out because there was no theater at home. Darkness comes late in northern Alberta and by the time we watched the movies and had a burger, it was 2:00 A.M.

We hopped into my friends car to head home. It was dead, no way we could get it to start. No mechanics were open at that time of the morning, nor did we have money even if there was. No money for repairs and a fifty mile walk left us in a bind. In desperation, we tried every trick in our limited mechanical repertoire to get the car to go, but to no avail.

Dad once told me that if I was ever in a bind to call. Nervously I called home and woke him up. I explained the situation, was told “Wait there!” and heard the phone go dead. For the next hour we waited by the car, knowing full well that we had a long lecture coming for our foolishness. Dad picked us up, took us home and never said a word about it.

Later, I had the freedom of owning my own vehicle, an old 1/2 ton that burned more oil than gas. Ten miles down the highway, I blew the transmission. The ten mile walk seemed like a hundred as I went for help... again.

Dad again came to the rescue and drove me out to my broken down old beater. He hooked a tow chain to it, I got behind the wheel and he towed me to town. I guess I wasn´t paying attention, because, I didn´t see him slowing to make the turn into town. I crashed right into the back end of his truck with mine. After surveying the damage, which was, fortunately, minor, he got back in and towed me the rest of the way home.

The list of vehicle related disasters is much longer than I have space to share, but included flat tires, being stuck and accidents. Let me just say that more than once he rescued my friends and I from our own foolish mistakes and never held it against us. I knew that no matter what dumb thing I had done, he would help me and forgive me.

My heavenly Father is the same, I can always count on His help, love and forgiveness, no matter what kind of a bind I put myself in. I turn to Him and He quietly rescues me, he´ll do the same for you if you just believe and ask.

Editor's Comment: Quiet Rescue "Earthly fathers are far from perfect, but if we are fortunate, we get one who shows us part of the character of the Heavenly Father. I was so blessed. This one is for you dad."

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