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Christian Author Writer In my last article I shared about how I came to know Jesus Christ. In this article I want to share how I met my husband. It’s important for people to understand that in most case scenarios women marry the man not the pastor. In my case I did just that. This is a story I love to share with others and especially single Christian women who are waiting on the Lord to provide a godly husband.

When I met Dan he was a good friend of my oldest brother Jaffa. They attended the same college and played football together in Utah. When I first met him I was fourteen years old. He came over and thought it would be funny to make fun of my cooking, even though he ate everything on his plate and asked for seconds. I took offense and thought he was over confident, loud and obnoxious. Let’s just say he was my exact opposite because I was very shy growing up and quiet.

I did not see him again until several years later. On the day my brother returned home from College… in walks Dan. I was twenty years old now and on fire for the Lord. I realized I still had a judgmental heart towards my brother’s friend and prayed that God would put love in my heart for this man who I honestly didn’t know or like. God was faithful and He encouraged my heart to embrace him as family because my brother loved him - I should too.

A few weeks later our family went out bowling. I was standing at the counter getting my shoes when I see from the corner of my eye Dan walking in the side door. Right when I turned around to look at him I heard a soft voice whisper in my ear, “Dan is going to be your husband”. I looked behind me and no one was there. It was so clear that I laughed out loud and said sarcastically, “Yea Right!” I never heard God speak to me so clearly until that day and at that time I could not believe it. I thought I was hearing things or having crazy thoughts and just left it at that.

I had recently made a renewed commitment to the Lord to walk in purity and holiness and told myself and the Lord that I did not want to get involved with a man who was not walking with God himself and could not honor my desire to be pure until marriage.

A week later I came over to visit my family and there Dan is watching movies with my brothers. I decided to join their movie night and as I was sitting there, an inappropriate part in the movie came on and my younger brother James, jumped up to turn the channel. Dan asked him why he turned it and he told him that I was a Christian. Dan looked at me and laughed and said with a snicker, “So you are a Christian?” I sat up proudly and told him I was. He saw I was serious and didn’t say a word to me the rest of the night; at least until he got ready to leave.

He asked me in a much softer and kinder tone, “What did you mean by Christian?” I answered, “My Christianity is about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by faith and not about religion.” He asked me a couple more questions and then told me he would be interested in going to church with me. I was shocked how quickly he responded to my invitation and at the same time questioned his sincerity as if he might be using church as a pick up line.

I went home and prayed for his salvation and also prayed for God to provide a godly man to come into his life. I still had some reservations but I felt the Lord encourage me to take him to church and let Him do the rest. So I did. When I went to pick him up that following week he was surprisingly excited about going. I attended Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego with Sr. Pastor Mike MacIntosh. I took him on a Wednesday night bible study first with Pastor Leo Giovenitti. At the closing of the study Pastor Leo gave the invitation to receive Christ. Without any prompting on my part Dan practically ran down the aisle. I was amazed. Dan told me afterward that everything the pastor shared spoke directly to him personally and he couldn’t resist asking Jesus to come into his heart. I told Him that was God speaking through the pastor to him.

That same night I found out that Dan had asked Jesus into his heart years before but never fully walked with God. He told me he was caught up with football, parties, girls and drugs but deep in his heart he knew he was missing out on something more. He then told me that after graduation on his return back from college to San Diego he specifically prayed that God would bring a real Christian into his life that would lead him back to God. He told me I was that Christian and thanked me for being obedient to bring him to church. I felt blessed like I was seeing a miracle happen right before my very eyes.

From that day forward Dan was a different man. He stopped partying and came to church every Sunday after that. He also became consumed with reading the bible. He would read several chapters a day every day and asked a million questions. He was on fire for the Lord and I was blown away by his zeal. We became best friends and spent almost every day together. We began serving in ministry together and throughout the entire time he remained a gentleman. Our feelings for each other began to grow and two years later on one valentines night God confirmed to the both of us we were to be a couple.

A good message from this story is to remember that we can never think we can change a person but God can change anyone. He is faithful!

In my next article I will share the miracle of our engagement and testimony of our purity. It was unique and one of a kind story so you don’t want to miss out on that! TO BE CONTINUED….

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