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Christian Author Writer When I was pregnant with my youngest child it was discovered that we had Rh-factor incompatibility. My blood type is Rh negative, and hers is not, and somehow a very small amount of her blood crossed over into my system. This made for a difficult pregnancy which involved constant monitoring by a neo-natal specialist, and eventually an in-utero blood transfusion in the seventh month of gestation.

My daughter was born by C-section a month early and immediately flown from Bishop Hospital to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles where she was treated in the neo-natal unit. I only saw her for a moment after she was born. She was sedated, hooked up to a ventilator, and given a blood transfusion. She was one sick little girl!

So while all the other mommies in the obstetrics unit cuddled their newborns, I briefly touched the head of my little one and watched her go. I wondered; “would the airplane make it safely? Would the flight crew take good care of my baby? Would the blood transfusion work? Would she live?”

At that moment in my life, I needed peace more than I needed air. It was during the next few days that I discovered two different kinds of peace. The first was the super-fabulous and immediate peace I received each time they injected morphine into my I.V. bag. Within minutes of the injection I was slurring things like, “It’s all gonna be great! No worries! She’s in good hands. Now, what’s for lunch?”

But when the morphine wore off it was a whole different story. I desperately needed God’s peace! Apart from His grace to see me through this trial, I was a basket case. I had to reach for Him like never before, and I had to trust Him to give me the peace I craved.

God showered His peace on me in two different ways; the first was through the constant and faithful prayers of my friends and family. I could literally feel those prayers holding me up, holding me together, and covering my baby with love.

The second way God sent His peace was through His Word. Now, during this time of my life I was in no frame of mind to sit around and read the Bible… But, for many, many years up until that crisis, I had begun most every morning with a cup of coffee and my Bible. Soaking up God’s Word in the everyday of my life was vital for me to be able to get through that trial with peace and victory.

This particular Scripture helped me to have the right perspective while our little one was in the hospital: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

This Scripture is so much more than the common refrain “everything happens for a reason.” This passage is an astounding promise from God that no matter what comes against us (danger, sickness, accusation, financial loss, death of a loved one, etc.) it will all work out for our ultimate good because we love and serve God. This Scripture bathed me in peace during this tumultuous season.

To tell the end of the story; our little girl spent less than two weeks in the hospital, had no lasting complications from her ordeal, and is now a lovely, healthy teenager. And best of all, God met our family in a tangible way, giving us yet another testimony of His supernatural peace in rocky times.

Editor's Comment: Paula Friedrichsen is a member of Church on the Mountain, a vibrant community of believers in Crowley Lake. We meet at 9:30 Sunday mornings. Call for more information: 935-4272 or

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