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Christian Author Writer Filoiann: Welcome Michelle Brown and thank you for taking the time to do this interview. First, please tell us a little about your self?

Michelle: I am a single mom with four children ages 7 (Kennedy), 9 (Teylan), 16 (Audreanna), and 18 (Evan). I am the founder of HE Reigns Ministries in Harrisburg, PA. I am a woman of God who loves the Lord. God had blessed me to play many roles such as, a Women's Care Group Leader, Youth Director, Director of Ministry Support, Conference speaker, Writer, and Counselor.

Filoiann: You truly are a woman of many gifts, talents and strengths. I commend you; being a mom is a blessing but can also be hard work but being a single mom can be twice as difficult and on top of that you minister to others in different capacities. It is evident that God truly is your source of strength. Bless you sister! Please tell us how you became involved in He Reigns Ministry and why?

Michelle:  God has always had His hand on me. I grew up with a Christian background and was very involved in church activities. At a young age, it was evident that God was going to use me to deliver a message for Him. I didn’t know what or when but I knew God’s hand was on me even during the “prodigal” period of my life. It took God’s perfect timing, the pain of my life experiences and His unfailing love to bring me to the point where I was willing and able to be used for such a responsibility and honor. I have experienced a greater peace in my life and the ability to trust God in all things. The depth of God's love revealed to me that I wasn't truly committed to Christ even though He was committed to me. The width of His love brought me to a place of brokenness as God began showing me how to be wholeheartedly devoted to Him after He turned my former problems into a platform for ministry, all the while, the length and height of His love began to heal me and make me whole. As a result, He Reigns Ministries is my grateful response to His unfailing love and faithfulness to me.

HE Reigns Ministries is a ministry birthed straight from my experience of God’s sovereignty. God has been working in my life over the years and has brought me to the place where I have accepted my calling to walk in my God given purpose. The ministry mission statement is: “Believing God to the Point of No Compromise and Walking It Out as a Lifestyle.”

I am moving forward in ministry based on the urgency God has placed on my heart. Many Christians are living defeated lives, held in bondage from their past or present situations. God’s will is for us to live abundantly, which requires us to know Him intimately (believing God) so we can completely trust Him (enough to not compromise in our daily walk) in our lives and live holy before God (walk it out as a lifestyle) through the power that He has deposited in us.

Filoiann: What an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness. Bless you for your heart to share your life with others and serve people in this way. Please explain what your ministry does for the community and what it hopes to accomplish?

Michelle: I believe that God has given me a captivating speaking style that is humorous and insightful with real life illustrations. I am a woman being used of God, providing practical instruction and biblical direction for life's issues. I, through Christ offer hope and transformation to women and men who long to believe God to the point of no compromise and walk it out as a lifestyle. I point Christians to the realization that God accomplishes extraordinary things through ordinary people.

God has been creating an effectual open door for the HE Reigns message across the country by way of conferences, retreats and workshops and Let’s Walk It Out small groups. I believe the fields are ripe for harvest but the laborers are few. God has called me to be a laborer for Him.

Filoiann: Amen! People everywhere need to know that there is always hope in Jesus and through His Word God and the Holy Spirit He continues to give us instructions in our everyday life. May God continue to anoint you and your ministry in all you do for Him. What words of wisdom or advice would you like to impart to those who are reading this interview in regards to being a person of purpose?

Michelle: In order to be a person of purpose you must first discover what your purpose in the kingdom is. Many of us have an idea but aren’t quite sure if it sounds holy enough. Pray and ask God, don’t second guess what HE has laid on your heart. If it is to open a coffee shop and your theme be godly by playing Christian music, Christian themes all around the place and a warm heart showing and sharing God’s love….it could be your calling. Anything is a tool in the holy hands of God!

I would encourage you that whatever you do in your life you would do it believing God first and foremost. That you would not compromise in your decision making, thinking that you have to perform for the world. God is an audience of one and we only need to seek His approval. Finally, that you would let your light so shine that it would be evident who you serve through your “walk it out.”

Filoiann: I whole heartedly agree, praying for God’s purpose in your life is the best place to start. I also loved your comment that, “God is an audience of one”. We are created to serve God and not perform for the world. I believe the world has enough entertainment but what it really needs is Jesus. Thank you for sharing. What type of support does your ministry rely on and how can people reach you if they would like to contribute or find out more information?

Michelle: HE Reigns solely relies on donations. God has used His people to bless this ministry through donations and some have done a monthly sponsorship for the HE Reigns Newsletter. A donation can be made on the website at with paypal. If you wish to reach me for more information or to set up a speaking engagement you can email me at or call me at 717-421-3811. Please keep the ministry in prayer.

Filoiann: Thank you again Michelle for blessing us with this wonderful interview of God’s faithfulness through His people to His people for His Glory. May God bless you in all your endeavors.

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