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Christian Author Writer Several years ago I watched a movie in which a tiny girl held a handful of shiny pennies. An adult approached and held out a five-dollar bill, inviting her to trade. Convinced she had what was best because it looked like the most, she told him no and hugged her pennies close.

This reminds me of how we can be when Christ comes to us with an invitation. He stands before us and asks us to join Him in a new work, passion, or in relationship. But, we often hold onto the old when we could have something new, and better.

In order to let go of the old, we have to choose to trust God and be at least somewhat convinced that what we'll get with the new is good. Unfortunately, sometimes we need convincing, which is why God often moves at a turtle pace with us. It's not that He can't move faster in our lives to change our circumstances, but we first have to be moved from unbelief to belief to receive from Him, and that often takes time. The transformation of the human heart is rarely instantaneous.

Even though Scripture doesn't explain why it took so long for Abraham to have a son, Isaac to marry, Moses to finally lead the children of Israel after forty years on the backside of the desert, Joseph to be released from prison, or Hannah to have a child, my guess is that as much as God was doing in their circumstances, He was also doing in their hearts. He was transforming them and preparing them for the gifts ahead.

So, if you are discouraged because it seems that you've been where you are far too long, ask yourself if there is something you need to believe God for to move from where you are to where He wants you to go. Then, hold on! He has a wild and wonderful ride waiting for you when you're willing to "lay down your handful of pennies."

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." (Phillippians 4:19)

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