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God's Will For Man - An Everlasting Love; That Never Falters

Writer Author Joshua Mumphrey
Type Christian Column  - God's Love
Posted Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Much like a mothers unwavering love for her child, God also shares that kind of connection with all of us. He is in our lives, the ever-watchful guardian and way maker, but also our heavenly father. There is no greater love than his love, overlooking our past, our faults and shortcomings. God is indeed gracious, but we must learn to reference and preserve it at all costs. God’s love and grace ... Read Christian Column

The Pastor's Pen - God's Agape Love

Writer Author Reverend Monita Dukhia
Type Christian Column  - God's Love
Posted Monday, February 23, 2009

God’s Agape Love When someone whom you love deliberately hurts you, do you wipe the incident from your memory completely and continue loving them in the same way, irrespective of their beastly treatment of you? Or do you find that the more the object of your affection deceives, betrays, and hurts you for no good reason that you find yourself withholding your love from them so as to pro ... Read Christian Column


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Columnist, Shana Schutte - Reflections Devotional Reflections

Shana Schutte, former editor and regular contributing author for Focus on the Family knows encouraging words can move us from discouragement to encouragement in a matter of moments. That’s why she enjoys composing short Reflections for her readers. “These little writings are messages from God and His Word that He has taught me through my life experiences. I pray my readers enjoy them. Read More

Christian Writer, Edmond NgEdmond Ng

Edmond is a freelance writer for print and digital media, and writes online for various Christian communities. He has served in many areas of Christian work, including youth club and cell group leadership, Bible study and worship leading, gospel events ushering and counseling, new converts follow-up and nurturing, among many other areas. Read More

Christian Writer, Dixie PhillipsDixie Phillips

A Pastor's wife from Iowa, Dixie is ministry-minded to a fault. You'll enjoy her honest portrayals of her family, their struggles and the impact their trust in God had on their lives and in turn, on hers. Dixie's work has been featured in several books and authored, "Abingdon's More Speeches & Recitations for Young Children" in 1997. Read More

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