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Christian Author Writer Due to the successful debut of our first Christian graphic novel, (Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth), author/ illustrator Robert James Luedke is back at the drawing board, (literally), in production on the sequel, Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit.

“We released the first book in August 2004, with little or no distribution in place and almost no money for marketing. All I knew was that I was following God's direction for the talents I'd been given and developed over my entire life...and had Faith that he'd open the right doors for the project,” stated Luedke. "One year later, the book has been covered by local to national media, received some tremendous endorsements from the ministry, (www.headpress.info/press.html), and is now available in virtually any comic shop or bookstore in North America."

Because of this success, Luedke's vision of the size of this project has been expanded on what the Eye Witness project can, (and should), encompasses. Instead of just being one stand alone graphic novel, Eye Witness will be expanded to a trilogy of books, that will present the birth of Christianity from Jesus' last visit to Jerusalem through Paul arriving in Rome, (in the Book of Acts). "When I was first inspired to present the Passion Story in Graphic Novel form, back in 2000, it seemed like something no-one had even done in this manner, " According to Luedke's. "But of course, with the development and release of Mel Gibson's movie in the interim, the novelty of the idea was kind of diluted by the time we released the first book. But, that's where God has stepped in, and let me know....for me, this was not an ending, but just a beginning of what will eventually be a 300+ page fully illustrated presentation of the Gospels and Book of Acts."

In the process Luedke also hopes to inspire people with "creative gifts" from all walks of society to emulate him and discover a way to use their talents to worship God. "At this year's Comic Con International, (A pop culture trade show held in San Diego in July, which had over 80,000 attendees), the reaction was simply wonderful and I must have shared my personal witness to over 200 people (in depth) during the three days we were at the event," according to Luedke. "I also spoke with many creative types from various industries who had been inspired to express their worship in their chosen field, after reading the first Eye Witness Book in 2004."

Acts Of The Spirit, Robert James LuedkeActs of the Spirit, is the second book in the Eye Witness trilogy, and will continue the modern day tale of mystery and intrigue, featuring forensic archeologist Terry Harper, which began in book one…while picking up the Gospel portion of the storyline on the morning of the resurrection of Jesus through the conversion of Saul/Paul, from the Book of Acts. “Through combining a modern day tale of a life-long skeptic, sprinkled with science, irrelevant humor and mystery, with a unique presentation of the birth and development of the Christian Faith, we hope to touch people of all ages who have never felt compelled to explore these events through any other means,” according to Luedke.

Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit, will be available in summer 2006. Eye Witness, (book three): Destination Babylon, will is scheduled for release in spring 2008.

Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit will be distributed by: FaithWorks/STL, to the North American book trade, (both secular & Christian); Diamond Comic Distributors, to the direct comic store market; and Quality Books Inc, to the Library market. Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth, is currently available nationwide through most major bookstores, or can be ordered online at: www.headpress.info

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