Christian Writer Author: Robert James Luedke
Location: Texas , United States

Christian AuthorRobert James Luedke is one of those special individuals that only come around once in a great while…a true groundbreaker! He has dedicated the last six years of his life to sharing the gospel with young people, through a format that is very popular with teen and young adult readers, but until recently has largely been devoid of works with Christian content…the graphic novel. Partly through his efforts the genre of Christian based comic books and graphic novels is beginning to blossom, as not only are other independent writers and artists using the literary style to express their faith, but major publishers, like Thomas Nelson and Zondervon, have also launched entire lines of titles to address this growing market.

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Eye Witness Sequel Tackles The Book Of Acts  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Christianity
Fiction: True
Due to the successful debut of our first Christian graphic novel, (Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth), author/ illustrator Robert James Luedke is back at the drawing board, (literally), in production on the sequel, Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit. “We released the first book in August 2004, with little or no distribution in place and almost no money for marketing. All I knew was ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

Eye Witness (Book Three) - Rise Of The Apostle  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Christianity
Fiction: False
"Don't believe everything you think" How did Dr. Harper escape certain death? Who's really behind the numerous attempts on his life? Will he ever be able to share his amazing discovery of about the unknown Gospel, with the public? All of these questions and many more will be answered in this third and final chapter in the Eye Witness Saga. Plus...experience the unprecedented look at the transfo ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

Eye Witness: Rise Of The Apostle - Winner Of USA Book News 2008 National "Best Books" Awards  
Christian Press Release  - Other
Fiction: False
Dallas, TX -, the premiere online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced the winners and finalists of THE 2008 NATIONAL "BEST BOOKS" AWARDS, (NBBA) on October 20, 2008. Robert James Luedke's, Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle, (Head Press Publishing, 2008), was honored as The Winner in the category of Comics: Graphic Novels. Luedk ... Read Christian Press Release

New Book - Eye Witness: Unknown God  
Christian Press Release  - New Book
Fiction: True
Flower Mound, TX- Coming on the heels of the critical success of the earlier volumes of his Eye Witness graphic novel series, author/illustrator Robert James Luedke, this week released the fourth and final chapter...Eye Witness: Unknown God, completing the epic story he started eight years earlier. In an literary format that is largely dominated by overly muscled men, scantily clad women and ... Read Christian Press Release

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