Praises to My Mother-in-law

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Christian Author Writer Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1

I am very aware that not everyone is going to relate to what I have to say about mother-in-laws. You haven’t found the blessing in yours, she is hard to find the blessing in, or you haven’t met her yet. Either way, good luck to each of you on the journey to finding your mother-in-law as a blessing. My mother-in-law was such a blessing to me in so many ways that I had to lift up her praises. I watched her be a mother to seven children and yet treat them as if they were only children, especially if there was an important life event going on in their lives. She was kind, gentle, and seemed unshakeable. She prayed without ceasing and she was a peaceful, virtuous woman. Her home can be described as comfortable and peaceful; you felt a part of her family even if you were not blood related. She didn’t have any eloquent speech or a fancy way, just a real person that accepted people for who they were and loved them all the same.

She was such a blessing in my life that we named our daughter after her. I would like to think that just maybe, the namesake will remind our daughter of the gentleness and goodness of her grandmother. When I would see her patting my husband’s hand as she sat beside him, I realized that she and I loved the same man, my husband and her son. I miss this for him but I find peace in knowing that he was raised with such a loving mother.

I am sorry to say that her life was cut short from a battle with cancer, but I was blessed to have known her and have her as a part of my life for many years. Had she not been my mother-in-law, I would like to think that I would have still wanted her as a friend. I only wish that our family would have had more time with her but I do find comfort in knowing that she knew how much she was loved. You could see this love at any family event when her children were around her and the joy she displayed in having everyone all together. So for the ones of you that can enjoy the blessings of your mother-in-law, treasure your time and enjoy the journey. For those who cannot see the blessings yet, hang in there, people do change. As Proverb 14:1 says “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” I can honestly say that I knew a wise woman, it was my mother-in-law. May her goodness and mercy live within the souls of each one of us that had the privilege to have her as a part of our lives.

In Memory of Annie Jean Keith

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