Come To The Mystery or Why I Love Oxymoron's

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Christian Author Writer Do you take a breather, break, rest, between projects? On long drives do you pull off the side of the road sometimes and just gaze toward the horizon, mountains, trees? What does your mind do in these in between times?

It looks like my next big project is moving. Yech, after almost five years here I am not looking forward to it. You say, "Change is good." I suppose change is good sometimes, but not always.

This morning I decided not to start a month of intense Final Cut Pro lessons. Instead I will work on selling, giving away, packing, yada, yada, yada; all those necessary chores of moving. ?           

I loved moving when I was a store manager. I'd be off to my new store, new people, new challenges, new relationships and Lily was left behind to deal with the movers, packing, boys, school. Yeah, moving was exciting then.?           

Now we are the movers and Lily will make sure I do my fair share. Where is the promotion, where is the adventure, where is the fun? Who knows, maybe they will have a hot tub. Is this what getting older means??           

So during these 'in between times' my mind tends to wander as I suppose it does most of the time. Did you see the News last night? The man was reporting on another earthquake and the lady newscaster asked, "Where is that in relationship to Portland?" When confronted with tragedy is our first reaction, "How close is it to us?" That bothers me, but so do lots of things.?           

I should start going through my books and decide whether to try and sell some on Ebay or give them away. Do you like oxymoron's? You know, those phrases that typify what my professors used to say so often, "You have to hold it in tension." An oxymoron can have the same affect on me as irony. It is ironical that I love books, especially old books, but my boys? Nope. Ryan still jokes about me giving him a commentary on the New Testament one Christmas. Hey, I only did it once.?           

So when you've pulled off the road, or you're on an elevator, or waiting in line, do you think about things like open secrets, alone together, jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, freezer burn? No? Maybe you are more cynical and you think about things like airline food? It's been a few years since I flew on a plane, maybe they don't even serve that stuff anymore. Notice I said stuff. That was just my unbiased opinion. I still chuckle about parking in a driveway and driving on a parkway. Who was that comic who used to do his routines on word play? I forget, but that's old news. Sorry.?           

This morning I was thinking about mystery and magic. What do you think about the way our world is chasing after magic? Harry Potter, vampires and vampire-human relationships. Is blood stronger than water??           

Do you know what a mystery is? A mystery is something that does not appear to be here, but it is. A mystery is something incredible that should never have happened, but it did. History is full of mysteries. I believe there is a reason why something did or did not happen. I like mystery. Statisticians don't like mystery because they have to acknowledge it while it is still present, but they can deny it once people forget.?           

Magic, on the other hand, really appears to be here, but it isn't. We've all seen the lady cut in half who really wasn't. That's magic; something appearing to be real, but isn't. We live in a world of magic where we claim to be genuine, but we're not. We claim to tell the truth, but we don't. We claim to care, but how close is that to us??           

The world is chasing after what is not real and the greatest mystery of all says, "Come!"

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