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Christian Author Writer Are saying you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and living as if you really do the same thing? If not, I wonder if we sometimes forget that God's judgment applies to Christians as well as Moslems, gays, Jews, atheists and whatever other category of people you want to come up with. Do we find some kind of empty solace in believing that as long as we remain within our own niche we will be OK? Did Jesus remain within his niche? Will I be judged for the same reasons as those who believe differently from me? Fear of judgment brought me to the Lord, but Christ's love keeps me here.

I cannot escape my past, my present, and my future. I have, I do and I will continue to miss the mark, make poor choices and be preoccupied with my own concerns. The bottom line is, If Christ is within me why aren't I more like Christ?

I remember an early mentor telling me to keep my eyes fixed and focused on Jesus and I will not drown in the waters of my own pre-occupation. The Lord caught Peter, will the Lord catch me? Sounds simple enough, but is it? Instead of hoping to bring those who think differently than me to some kind of revelation of Christ, maybe I should work on just reaching out to them, bringing Christ to the relationship, instead of my agenda. Can I trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest?

If so, what does bringing Christ to my relationships with others look like? Does Christ sanctify all my relationships with others? Do I have relationships with others that Christ would not sanctify? If I do, am I the reason Christ would not sanctify the relationship or is it because of the other person? If I truly believe in Christ, where does the responsibility and accountability really lie? Does Christ love me more than a convicted and executed criminal?

Sometimes when I am trying to be still before the Lord these kinds of questions come to mind, not as a convicting call to action, but more like a gentle reminder that I really don't get it. I try to be a good Christian, but I know I don't have the eyes of Jesus. I don't see others as the Lord does.

Is the problem who they are, what they say, or what they do? More and more I am coming to the realization that the problem is me. That does not settle well in my heart. I know Jesus was concerned with people's sins, but I am coming to understand he was even more concerned about them; what sin was doing to them, how it was keeping them from having a relationship with God.

My wife has her own house cleaning company. She likes working for herself and she likes her clients. Two of her clients are gay. A couple of years ago when Lily was just getting to know them they asked her what I did. She told them I was going to school to get my M-Div. The one lady remarked I must want to be a preacher. Then the lady said if Jesus was here he would not cast them aside.

Have you noticed that, percentage wise, the poor give to the poor more than the well off do? When one is poor there is compassion for other poor. Since we have all sinned, maybe we all need to handle one another gently.

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