A Thanksgiving Divorce?

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Christian Author Writer Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, but how many married people are thinking, even now, of cutting their losses and leaving? Children may slow the process somewhat, but it still happens. Why do we pay people just as foolish as we are to go on television and tell us what we already know? Does anyone need to be told that marriage and family are under attack; that around half of all marriages end in divorce, regardless of beliefs or race?

Apparently living in America, being a part of the American melting pot, is a very unhealthy climate for sustainable relationships. I don't need to read some internet conspiracy theory that explains the undermining of America. I see it. You see it. We all see it. Do we call this progress?

There are just so many 'things' we want so we can be 'happy.' Wanting them is just as lethal as getting them. We know that much of what we see, hear, and eat is bad for us, but the momentary high spurs us on. There is a reason that more and more of us are chemically addicted, obsessed with pornography, constipated, or medicated. There is a reason that more and more young people take their own life. There is a reason why more and more people take it upon themselves to go on killing sprees. There is a reason why so many countries hate us while at the same time wanting to be like us.

There is no need to look around seeking some silent, sinister monster. We don't have to pay psychologists or talk show hosts to tell us who or what to blame. We can't blame the media, the pharmaceuticals, the politicians, our neighbors or President Obama. All of these are giving us what we want and what we demand. As consumers we feed our desires. Does it matter whether or not we consume one another in the process?

You just can't take another day of this marriage. Your partner will never change. You know that if you don't do something things will never get better. Really?

Do you have a photo album; pictures on the wall, pictures on a shelf? Are they happy pictures about a happy time? Has there been a change? So change does happen. It would be silly to say your partner changed, but you didn't. Haven't you both changed? Why have you moved apart? Something came between the two of you before the what, or who that stands between you now.

You already know the options that are available to you; self-help books, talk show hosts, secular and religious counseling, etc. The problem is, and we don't like to admit this, but don't most of these folks have trouble dealing with their own private hurts? Maybe a few have some scholarship and training, but has that brought them victory over their own inner turmoil?

If there is physical violence in your environment for you or your children then physical safety comes first, but if that is not the case than look at the pictures again. Ask yourself if you really want to leave. Only you can answer whether there was once something special.

Me? I was divorced twice. Then I met Lily. We were married 11/15/83. There are three persons in our relationship; the Lord, Lily and me. The Lord is first in Lily's heart as well as mine, but God becoming the center of our relationship did not happen overnight for me. My will had to be broken, but Lily's prayers, God's discipline, patience and love have, and are opening my eyes to what relationship is all about.

Now I look at our pictures and videos and I can only thank the Lord that Lily went to her knees, instead of out the door.

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