When Faith Says “Yes” but the Answer is Slow to Come

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Christian Author Writer How many times have you prayed for something or someone and found yourself at the top of the mountain because your faith has guaranteed you the perfect answer only to wake up one day and feel like you’re in a valley of which there is no getting out? You pray and praise and pray and believe and pray and thank God and feel the answer is so close you can reach out and touch it but day after day it still doesn’t come. The time between our whispering our need to God and actually receiving that blessing or favor for which we prayed can be a true faith tester.

Jesus told us to have faith in God, He told us if we believe with all of our hearts that we can move a mountain into the sea… (Mark 11:20-24). What He didn’t say was how long it would take to move that entire mountain. As humans we expect answers immediately and when they do not come we assume God is saying “no”. The fact that we actually feel in our hearts with our faith that the answer is coming takes a backseat to the doubt that starts creeping up on us because our eyes can’t see the answer. The Lord did not give us time frames in which we would receive our answers, but when we wait patiently and the answer does come we can always look back and see the things He accomplished while we waited IF we look close enough. There have been some mighty powerful lessons reported during the “wait”.

Believing that receives is not something humanly produced; rather, it is a believing faith imparted to the believer’s heart by God Himself. Sometimes the fulfillment which true faith desires is granted immediately; at other times it is not. God gives the faith that prayer has been heard and the request will be granted. The uncertainty we feel concerns the time of the fulfillment, not the granting of the request. (See also, Mathew 17:20 & 21:24). So the next time you feel the yes but time tells you it’s a no…listen to your faith it is the voice of God and can not lie.

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