Christian Writer Author: Michele M. Washam
Location: Florida , United States

Christian AuthorMichele is a 34-year old mother of three beautiful children. She lives in Palm Beach County, Florida where she works as a freelance web designer. Her favorite hobby is nurturing her online ministry Michele came to know the Lord after her heart was broken by the man she loved. Her determination to truly know and understand The Lord resulted in a miracle of true love beyond her expectations. On January 3, 2003, Michele married her miracle.

Determined not to let the heartbreak consume her or cause her to make another bad choice, Michele set out to learn what God wants for His Ladies when it comes to choosing a life partner. By combining faith and knowledge Michele was blessed with a miracle beyond anything she expected. Her life did an about face and she gave up adult web design and devoted herself to being a webmaster for God ( Michele went on to create the Course In Heartbreak, the Internet’s first interactive workshop designed to help the heartbroken obtain the miracle of true or restored love in their lives.

Comments: “As a single mother of three, I realized after my heart was broken that I needed to stabilize myself when it came to choosing a life partner. During the time I was dealing with the devastation of losing the man I loved, I saw that my children were suffering too. A broken heart tends to drain us and we find ourselves focused on nothing else but restoring what was lost. Sometimes we do that at any cost. I realized that the decisions and choices I was making at that point in my life would ultimately affect my kids. No matter how much money we have, how close we are to our family or how many friends we have, a broken heart leaves us feeling incomplete. When it happens to us we’ll do just about anything to undo it. In today’s world there is little that is sacred when it comes to relationships anymore. That is not what God intended for us. Women are playing the role of both mother and father far too often and thru my heartbreak I realized that it didn’t have to be like that. The Lord showed me the way and by combining my faith with the knowledge He was blessing me with thru His word, I found the perfect ingredients for the miracle I was seeking. The miracle was ten times what I expected and with it came a renewed knowledge of myself, self respect, and a determination to let Him help me choose the right partner. He sent me His best and the miracles keep coming.”

The Course In Heartbreak

The Course In Heartbreak is a Seven Part Interactive Workshop designed to help you survive the first crippling moments of heartbreak and help you rebuild a new you. The lessons that are contained within take you step-by-step thru every stage of heartbreak and the situations we find ourselves in when we lose someone we love. The Course shows you the promises God set forth for us and how to obtain them. It teaches us how to leave the choice and/or repairs in His hands and how to wait patiently and productively while he manifests the miracle of true or restored love. When applied properly, The Course in Heartbreak is guaranteed to see you thru to your miracle. By offering a limited number of lessons, the author is able to offer one-on-one support to help you understand and benefit from the lessons that were written for us thousands of years ago.

You can learn more about taking The Course In Heartbreak by e-mailing Michele at – Don’t forget to ask about her first book due out in April 2003 “The Ingredients For A Miracle”

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